Meet the Newest District 10 Speakers Bureau Members

Meet the Newest District 10 Speakers Bureau Members

Dr. James Dittoe and Janice Jokkel


Dr. Dittoe has practiced veterinary medicine for almost forty years and has compiled some great stories, experiences and wisdom while having the privilege of treating a multitude of species.

As a certified consultant/coach, he blends entertaining stories, life-lessons and humor into his seminars. He has developed a passion for sharing the wisdom he’s garnered from simply being in the game and a motivation to help others improve their lives through the sharing of information. 

Speech Titles –

  1. Goal setting…what do you really want?
  2. Animals can teach us some things, if we are open.
  3. Paradigms. What are they and how are they formed.


Janice’s passion is growing teams to thrive with their God-given talents and allowing them to soar to new heights. Janice specializes in peer-to-leader mentoring and sharpening the skill sets of sales and leadership teams. Further, she is passionate about assisting companies with diagnosing the level of trust, healthy conflict, commitment, accountability, and attention to results that exist within their team.

Watch for her upcoming book to be released soon – “Connecting with Confidence”

Speech Titles –

  1. C.A.R.E. Culture
  2. Lead with Love
  3. C.L.O.S.E. more Sales
  4. Making of Great Teams
  5. DISC Drives Development

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