District 10 Member Spotlight: Joyce Fiodembo

D10 TLI 2.0 Keynote Speaker, Scott Brown from D11 & Joyce Fiodembo

District 10 Member Spotlight:

Joyce Fiodembo

Member since October, 2009

Currently a member of the Westlake Word Warriors

Working in Level 2 of the Presentation Mastery path in Pathways

Notable Toastmasters Accomplishments:

Joyce is currently serving as the District 10 Speakers Bureau Chair. Joyce believes that this position is a great fit for her since she is passionate about helping aspiring writers, speakers and entrepreneurs market themselves.

Joyce competed in the 2014 District 10 International Speech Contest with her inspiring speech, “Believe in Your Dreams.”

Joyce has served in several club officer roles including: President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Joyce previously served as an Area Director in the Western Division for Areas 41 and 42.

What is the Mission of the District 10 Speakers Bureau?

“To connect companies and organizations with Toastmasters speakers, and to make effective communication a worldwide reality.”

Why Should Toastmasters Members Consider Joining the Speakers Bureau?

  • To help spread the word about the benefits of Toastmasters to companies and organizations
  • Members will challenge themselves to speak and practice in front of different audiences
  • Members interested in pursuing a career as a professional speaker will gain experience and will build their profile

What is the Process to Join the Speakers Bureau?

  • Complete an online application with your biographical information and 3 speech titles, and upload a headshot through District 10 Join the Speakers Bureau link.
  • All applications will be reviewed by the Speakers Bureau Committee.
  • Qualified candidates will be asked to deliver one speech in front of the Bureau review panel to be evaluated and considered.

What Are Some Sample Topics?

  • Leadership
  • Stress management
  • Mindfulness
  • Finance management (debt management) 
  • Diversity
  • Book publishing
  • Life-work balance
  • Team building in the workplace
  • Health

What Actions Can Toastmasters Members Take?

Find out more on the District 10 Speakers Bureau page!

Spread the word to corporations and organizations looking for speakers. They may request a speaker through District 10 Request a Speaker link.

Apply online to join the Speakers Bureau!

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