Familiar Face to Take Over as Region 6 Advisor

Jenilee Taylor, DTM, one of the two new Region 6 advisors for next year. District 10 is one of 9 districts in Region 6. Jenilee is responsible for 4 of them.

Where do you go after serving as area governor, division governor, and district director? If you’re Jenilee Taylor, DTM, you go up another level, to region advisor. Jenilee was selected to be one of two region advisors in Region 6 next year. She will be supporting a region that includes Districts 10, 11, 13, and 63. That’s a huge geographical scope that covers Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, half of Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and a bit of Maryland. Together, these districts comprise more than 400 Toastmasters clubs!

As the region advisor, Jenilee will support the district directors, program quality directors, club growth directors, and public relations managers of those 4 districts. She’ll help them develop strategies for achieving the district mission, which is to support existing clubs and build new clubs.

Getting there was no cakewalk. Applicants must first have served as district director and other district roles. Jenilee has served as district director, lieutenant governor education and training, and division governor. And then the application and selection process was rigorous.

“It started in September with a written application and a video of a training session I completed,” said Jenilee. “The video needed to be 40-60 minutes in length. From there a 360 review was completed by leaders who served while I was in trio positions. After that, there were two rounds of phone interviews with members of the selection committee.”

The board of directors of Toastmasters International voted to make the final selection. “Those serving were notified at the beginning or March, and sworn to secrecy until March 20,” said Jenilee. “Toastmasters International then made the public announcement.”

Jenilee is looking forward to continuing to give back to fellow Toastmasters as Region 6 advisor. “I have been in the trenches and love the organization more each day. I know the benefits that Toastmasters can provide, and the positive changes that can happen through hard work and dedication to the program. I feel that I can share the lessons I have learned, and continue to serve an organization that has helped me to become the person that I am.”

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  1. Lenroy Jones on August 6, 2019 at 6:36 pm

    DTM Jenilee Taylor, I wish to offer my sincere congratulations on your recent appointment as Region 6 Advisor! Clearly, you have prepared for this stage in your Toastmasters experience. It’s been great seeing you and interacting with you during the District 10 events. Thanks for all that you do and continued support in our district! Well wishes, Lenroy Jones

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