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Club Coaches Now Earn District Leader Credit

If you are interested in achieving DTM under the traditional educational program, or more quickly earning your Pathways DTM, a change just announced by Toastmasters International to the club coach program will make it easier.

Beginning now, Toastmasters who serve as club coaches and who help their club reach distinguished status by June 30, 2019, or June 30, 2020, will earn credit for two requirements toward the DTM, not just one. They will earn credit for coaching, as is currently the case, and in addition, they will also earn a full year of district leader service credit.

“This is big news for anyone who is eager to earn a DTM in the traditional program, and a boon for those in Pathways as well,” said District Director Vicky Nann. “Our clubs will also benefit. Club coaches are always in demand. The change should encourage more members to be coaches and to provide support to the clubs that have requested it.”

Toastmasters International President Lark Doley said of the change: “You may have members in your district who doubted their ability to achieve the traditional DTM award by June 30, 2020—this revised club coach program facilitates this.”

Coaching a club is a requirement for the Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) designation, which must be earned to achieve the DTM. Before the announced change, one year of service as a district leader was also required for the ALS. To complete a successful term as a club coach, the club must achieve distinguished status. According to Lark Doley, “the club coach program provides critical support to clubs that are struggling and need long-term outside help to raise their membership and level of excellence.”

If you are interest in being a club coach, contact Club Growth Director Alicia Smith-Kirk. If you have questions about earning the DTM, contact DTM Mentoring Chair Charles Kramer.

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