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Alicia Smith-Kirk Named New District Club Growth Director

Alicia Smith-Kirk, DTM, has been appointed the new District 10 club growth director by District Director Vicky Nann. Alicia takes over for Missy Moore, who moved to Florida recently to take a new job.

“I am excited to be returning to the district executive council,” said Alicia. “I know and have worked with many fellow Toastmasters in District 10, club officers, and district leaders over the years and recognize how dedicated you are to serving our members throughout the district. It is an honor to serve our district in the appointed position of club growth director.”

Alicia has been an active and dedicated Toastmaster since 2013 and has held many officer roles at the club and district levels. Most recently, she was division director for the Northern Division and a Pathways Experience guide. She is currently a member of three clubs, Westlake Toastmasters 497, CWRU Spartans Toastmasters, and Top of the Town Advanced Toastmasters Club. “I am actively working in both the Legacy program and Pathways,” said Alicia. “My recent awards include CC, CL, ACB, ALB, Dynamic Leadership 1, 2, 3, 4, and Persuasive Influence 1, 2, 3.”

As club growth director of District 10, Smith is responsible for providing support to people who want to form new Toastmasters clubs and helping existing clubs in maintaining healthy membership levels. She also oversees the district’s marketing efforts.

“I believe in the Toastmasters program and have implemented it into many areas of my life—personally and professionally,” said Alicia. “Through taking on leadership roles and investing myself in the education program, I have grown tremendously over the past 6 years. I am eager, like many of you, to share this wonderful gift with others as we bring in more members and add clubs to District 10.”
Alicia, who resides in Berea with her husband and three teenage daughters, is the director of a girls’ dance leadership program called Move It! Dance Project. Alicia credits being an active member of Toastmasters with helping her boost the success of her program. “As a part of my Toastmasters High Performance Leadership Project, I chartered a Junior Toastmasters Gavel Club and incorporated it into my girls’ dance leadership curriculum,” said Alicia. “It skyrocketed my students’ dance confidence and leadership and public speaking skills. This interdisciplinary approach has proven to be the missing ingredient in producing more confident, skilled, vocally expressive young ladies.”

Alicia has achieved numerous awards and recognition serving District 10. Most recently, she received a 2018 District Director Award, a 2017 District Director Award, and 2017 Fall Conference Co-Chair Recognition. Other recent awards include a Pathways Guide Award, a Triple Crown Award, and a Triple Crown Sponsor Award from Toastmasters International. She has also participated in several Toastmasters contests and won at the club and area level.

Alicia says, “I’m an enthusiastic person. I love life and enjoy sharing it with others. As a leader, I am careful not to ask others to do something I’m not willing to do. It’s not about bossing someone around, holding a title, or pointing fingers. I bring enthusiasm, encouragement and support to make the process memorable and fun. My life is a journey filled with successes and failures. My successes give me confidence in my ability to achieve. My failures challenge my willingness to persevere. Along the way, they both make me a better person.”

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