Why Should You Bother Going to the District 10 Winter TLI?

There are many reasons to attend the next round of officer training on December 8, 2018—from the leadership lessons you will learn to the insights you will gain into your officer role. But this year there is even more. This year we will have with us the native Clevelander Ramona J. Smith2018 World Champion of Public Speaking.

Ramona J. Smith, 2018 World Champion of Public Speaking

Ramona will open the Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) with a keynote speech. And she’ll be with us all day including the Speech Showcase in the afternoon. To close out the Showcase, Ramona will participate in a Champions’ Panel Discussion with other speech competitors who have made it to the District 10 contest, and they will share their experiences and the lessons they’ve gained by competing.

Are you ready for your next six months as club officer?

Maybe you think that the next six months in office will be more of the same.

Not at all. You’ll be finding new challenges as the second half of the year rolls around, including

  • Membership contests
  • Upper-level Pathways projects for your club
  • Finding your replacement
  • The NEW DCP goals
  • Deciding your role next year in the club or in the district.

In addition to Ramona’s keynote, the TLI will feature several general leadership training sessions and breakout sessions for each officer role. Remember, this is the second round of leadership training for club officers offered by the district, and 4 club officers must attend both training sessions to earn the officer training point in the Distinguished Club Program (DCP).

Clubs in the running for Magnificent 7 (those that had 7 officers trained in the first round of training), can earn the distinction by sending all 7 officers to the second round.

Event Details

Toastmasters Leadership Institute

  • December 8, 2018
  • 8:00 am – 12:00 noon
  • Akron Public Library
    60 South High Street
    Akron, Ohio, 44326
  • Please register to attend
  • Continental breakfast served
  • Free of charge

If you have questions, email Program Quality Manager Sravanthi Vallampati.

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