Learn How Your Club Can Get and Keep 20+ Members

One of the most frustrating challenges clubs face is attracting enough members to keep their clubs strong.

If you’re wondering “HOW?”How do some clubs consistently have 20 or more members? How can my club do the same? How can I help my club?”–then there is no better place to be than the District 10 Marketing Institute on October 27.

Come to the Marketing Institute to hear from four superlative Toastmasters who know how to grow clubs and keep them going strong–because they do it year after year.

  • Dennis Deegan, DTM, will focus on what you can do to attract new members.
  • Pete Punwani, DTM, will explain why keeping existing members is as important as attracting news ones, and he will show you how to create a club environment that retains members and how to retain members you are in danger of losing.
  • Sharon Stadul, DTM, will explain what club mentors are, why new clubs need mentors, and how you can be a club mentor.
  • Melissa McGavick, DTM, will focus on selling the value and benefits of Toastmasters in the corporate world. For those who want their workplace to sponsor a club or for those who want their boss to recognize the value of Toastmasters as great training and development, this session will give you some tools.

You might have joined Toastmasters to get over your fear of public speaking, gain confidence, improve your ability to speak on your feet, become a better leader, etc. You probably didn’t join your club to work on attracting new members and retaining them after they join!

But either you understand you need to do that to keep the club you love vital and strong, or you recognize that helping your club attract and retain a healthy number of members is actually a valuable leadership opportunity.

Either way–the Marketing Institute was designed with you in mind. You will learn practical tips, practices, and ideas that can make the job of maintaining 20+ members doable, successful, and maybe even…fun.

Breakfast will be provided. Stick around for the Recognition Ceremony afterwards! It’s right after the Marketing Institute, from 1-3, in the same location! A light lunch will be provided for those attending both events.

To register for the Marketing Institute, click on this link: https://district10.org/registernow

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Monica Reusser

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