15 Clubs Join Magnificent 7 Race

With the first round of training complete, 15 clubs* have had all 7 of their officers trained, putting those clubs in the running for Magnificent 7 distinction. Congratulations! It’s no small feat to get everyone trained, but it’s so worth it. Plus, if these clubs do it again in round 2, they will complete the race for the Magnificent 7 and officially achieve that distinction. The 15 clubs with all 7 officers trained in round 1 (along with the division in which they are in, Northern, Southern, Central, Eastern, Western) are listed below.

  1. Transformative Toastmasters (E)
  2. Progressive Messengers (E)
  3. Eastside Advanced Toastmasters (E)
  4. CCAC Toastmasters (E)
  5. FedOrators (N )
  6. Citadel of Hope Toastmasters(N )
  7. Independently Speaking (N )
  8. CWRU Toastmasters Club ( N )
  9. Men with Voice/Men with Vision (S)
  10. Hall of Fame Advanced Speakers (S)
  11. Westlake Unity Toastmasters (W)
  12. Aerospace Toastmasters Club (W)
  13. Hudson Crossing Toastmasters (C)
  14. Twinspirations Toastmasters (C)
  15. Word Warriors (W)

*When this article first posted, only 14 clubs were included. The 15th club was added soon after when the attendance records were updated.

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