Clean Sweep of the DCP by Cuyahoga Falls Toastmasters

Cuyahoga Falls Toastmasters achieved a special status during the 2017-18 year. By accomplishing all of the Distinguished Club Program goals, the club has met a standard that few other clubs in the world have achieved.

The Distinguished Club Program has 10 goals as a metric to determine the success of the club’s service to its members. With the addition of Pathways to the Toastmasters education program, the 10 goals were expanded to 16.

“I knew we had a motivated, innovative & supportive group of people but this result far surpassed my expectations,” said Catherine Peterson, president of Cuyahoga Falls Toastmasters for the 2017-18 year. “When we realized we had a shot at beating the district record, it was natural to see how much further we could go. Much of the credit goes to Jenilee Taylor, a dynamic and energetic VPE who is a driving force in the success of this club.”

In the process of sweeping all of the DCP goals, Cuyahoga Falls also took the district record for the greatest number of education awards any club has won in a single year. Jenilee Taylor earned 18 education awards during the year, ranking her as the number one Toastmaster in the district.

“It was never about the individual awards,” said Jenilee. “But more about never saying no to an opportunity or the chance to grow. Once the goal was known, the vision became how can we do this as a group, and how can we help each other get there together.”

Todd Taylor, club treasurer, said, “I would say the most rewarding or inspiring aspect of going for it was how everyone chipped in once we let them know what the goal was and that it was near… Everyone said, ‘Oh, I could complete my CL,’ or ‘I just need two more speeches for my CC.’ Everyone stepped up.”

While they did joke about “world domination” for next year’s goal for the club, Jenilee did say that she would like the club to sweep the board again next year, but also to have every member earn at least one award. The club, currently at 23 members, also currently has 4 DTMs on the roster with hopes to see more in the coming year.

“Only four clubs in the world have ever done it but it’s tough to not try to clear the board again when “Cuyahoga Falls Distinguished” is in the name,” Todd said.

Congratulations to Cuyahoga Falls Toastmasters Club!

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