The DTM Journey Blog by Pete Punwani, DTM

Pete Punwani, DTM, provides helpful, inspiring messages through his Toastmaster blog, The DTM Journey. Punwani is the DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) Chair. He leads those aspiring to become DTMs, pairs them with current DTMs as mentors, and encourages them to reach their goals so he can recognize them at the District Conference.

Punwani does much of this through his blog. However, his posts are not just for Toastmasters who have a goal of achieving DTM. He writes about a wide range of topics that apply to all Toastmasters. He provides detailed instruction about social media plans, High Performance Leadership projects, and how to be a mentor to fellow Toastmasters. He discusses sponsoring a club, coaching a club, reaching your goals, and speaking in or planning contests. He reminds us about the Toastmasters promise and what that means. And my favorite post, Work-Life-Toastmasters Balance, helps those struggling to find peace in the midst of chaos.

Pete Punwani opens himself up to his readers as he encourages all Toastmasters. Bookmark the link: You’ll want to read through all of his posts!

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