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Millennials in Charge?
The New Voice of Toastmasters in the 21st Century 

What’s the best way to get young members into our Toastmasters clubs? Invite them to engage!
Over time, our clubs must adapt to the “Millennial” mindset. This new attitude brings energy and fresh ideas into our clubs. How do we integrate that energy and help the young members discover their potential?
Lenroy Jones will help us discover
  • the methods that work to engage the younger member
  • the power of Pathways and the computer
  • how to grow our clubs by reaching out to the millennial generation
  • how to accept the changes that these members will bring.

Lenroy Jones

Lenroy Jones has been an energetic, engaging, and inspirational speaker who educates and motivates his audience with his warm and engaging speaking style. He uses humor and current information about topics such as etiquette, job search, diversity, leadership, and networking.

His clients appreciate his commitment to listening and working with them to achieve their goals. He has coached thousands and presented locally, regionally, and nationally. Lenroy has a master’s degree from Michigan State and bachelor’s degree in Communications from Central Michigan. He serves as the executive director of the Career Services at Ashland University and resides in Ashland, Ohio.

Paying TM Forward
Mentoring the Next Generation

What do you do with the skills you learned in Toastmasters? Have you ever wondered about how to give back to you community – but didn’t know how?
Don’t you wish you’d learned all the public speaking and leadership skills earlier in your life?
Do you know that you can make that kind of difference in a teenager’s life?

Annette Palmer is ready to show us what we can do when we pay TM forward with the Youth Leadership Program (YLP). You’ll find out

  • Why TM for Teens is fun – for adults!
  • The mechanics of how to build a YLP – recruit, run and reward.
  • What the long-term impacts can be.

Annette’s not doing this presentation by herself. She’s asked some of her students to come and show us long-time Toastmasters what the YLP does – creates speakers and builds extraordinary opportunities!

Annette Palmer

Annette Palmer, ACB, ALB serves as the Area 41 Director and is currently the Vice President of Membership for Crossroads Toastmasters. Annette has been a Toastmaster since November, 2013. She has served as a facilitator for the Crossroads YLP program since the summer of 2014.

Leadership Without Sweat
Empower Your Followers to Become Leaders

What’s a leader’s biggest challenge? To complete a task – or to build up their staff to become leaders themselves?

Does that have to be a choice?

Whether it’s coaching a member to learn new skills or finding ways to create a more engaged workforce, leaders have to balance the needs of their team against the work to be done. By learning situational leadership techniques, a leader can move from being the “one that gets the job done” to being the leader who people want to work with.

Nathan Jarosz will introduce you to

  • Moving from simply directing to smart delegating
  • Discovering leadership behaviors to maximize results
  • Enhancing working relationships

Each of these lessons can be applied to help your club grow!

Nathan Jarosz

Nathan Jarosz has a BSBA in General Management and is a current masters student in the field of organizational leadership. As an Eagle Scout, Nathan learned leadership skills at a young age which he has since used in his life as well as trained other people across the country. His personal mission is to empower other people with leadership opportunities, so they can realize their full potential. Nathan Jarosz is an ACG and ALB with the Akron Toastmasters Club.

Putting Toastmasters Into an Already Too-Busy Life?
A 2-Year-Old’s Guide to Work-Life Balance

Whether you just joined Toastmasters or you’re working overtime to get that DTM before the deadline, adding another thing to a busy life can sometimes feel more stressful than it’s worth.

How to deal with it? You wouldn’t think to ask a two-year old. After all, they’re all about their favorite toy, their best blanket, and learning how to say NO very loudly when it’s time to pick up their toys. Paul has discovered a lot more from a 2 year old than you’d expect?

Paul Artale will share what he learned from his son:

  • How hide-and-seek and your value system affect you
  • Building blocks and your professional boundaries
  • Bears and Yaks – how your balance engages your life choices

If you need some balance in your life, Paul has answers how to achieve it.

Paul Artale

Paul Artale is a motivational speaker who speaks for organizations that want to light a fire in their people and who want to perform at their peak. He is a PhD candidate who researches human resource performance. He has written articles for several national associations on the topic of work-life balance and organizational success. His signature keynote Hit Hard: 3 Must Have Mindsets to (Re)Design Your Life tells how Paul overcame disability to play college football. This message has energized international audiences. Paul’s first book, The 2-Year-Old’s Guide to Work-Life Balance releases on October 1, 2018.

Get the Lowdown on the Upside of Podcasting!

Do you want your voice to be heard by the entire world? Many Toastmasters want to step onto a bigger stage. Podcasting is one way for you to spread your message, gain credibility, and establish your authority, without leaving your home.

Molly Kopan and Kim Krajci are veteran podcasters who will help you explore how to:

  • Decide your topic and your medium – audio or video
  • Plan strategically for podcasting: equipment, hosting, production
  • Record and edit your content
  • Get your voice out to the world; marketing your podcast.

As we look ahead in Pathways, podcasting is an option in Level 4 of every Pathway. What could you podcast about?

Kim and Molly have collected some resources for you to help you get started on your podcasting journey.

Molly Kopan

Molly Kopan interviews difference-makers in Stark County Ohio on The Stark Difference Podcast. With a start in a local/niche market, she plans on expanding her portfolio to explore “micro-audience” podcasting, offering this medium to families and businesses for landmark occasions. Molly is the VP of marketing for Stark Community Toastmasters.

Kim Krajci

Kim Krajci ​podcasts for District 10 with 2 podcasts: On the Table – Topics for Toastmasters, for members on the classic DTM track, and Toastmasters 101, for the interested and new members. She also produces podcasts for other businesses. She’s a member of Toastmasters in Green and Hall of Fame Advanced clubs.

LEVEL UP: The One Key You Must Know
Pathways Level 1 Workshop

Are you being challenged by the new Base Camp program for Pathways? Are you looking for the tips and tricks to making the software work for you? We’ll help you LEVEL UP with a hands-on workshop!

Rosita Turner

A Cleveland resident, Rosita Turner, DTM joined Toastmasters in 2010. She currently belongs to 4 Clubs: Wings to Fly, her home Club housed at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Westlake Unity Toastmasters Club, Westside Advanced Toastmasters Clubs and Pathways to Leadership Club. She recently presented a Pathways orientation at the District 10 Toastmasters Leadership Institute. Rosita is now in demand as a Pathways trainer.

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