Distinguished by April 4 – customizable meeting sign for your club

The Distinguished Club Program (DCP) measures a club’s progress toward club and member goals. How is your club doing? Go to www.toastmasters.org, click on Distinguished Performance Reports, and type your club name into the search bar. (We are in District 10.) We want all of our clubs to be Distinguished, because it means that our members are reaching their communication and leadership goals!

Here’s an incentive to submit those education award applications and recruit new members: clubs that are Distinguished by April 4 will receive a customizable meeting sign AND will be entered into a drawing for a new timing light! Why April 4? It’s a month before the spring conference begins! (We could have made it April 1, the first day a club could officially be Distinguished, but decided to give clubs a few extra days to submit applications for this incentive – and to remind everyone of the spring conference.) If you miss the incentive deadline, your club will still have until June 30, 2018 to earn Distinguished status. Best wishes to our clubs!

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