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Toastmasters of District 10:

Have you ever attended a club meeting with very low participation because your membership is low? You struggle to fill the roles and you hear feedback from the same people each week?

District 10 is launching a new initiative to increase membership levels. We want to focus on the clubs with low membership first. I am spearheading this mission and I am looking for Toastmasters to join me! Come on! All clubs need to experience the energy and camaraderie of a great meeting filled with lots of participation, fun impromptu speaking, and diverse feedback!

How do we do this, you ask? In order to get members, we need to help get the word out and ask people to join these clubs, right? (i.e. Public Relations…)

This ad-hoc group will help the clubs with their public relations efforts. Public relations with strategic, energetic and focused direction. This group of enthusiastic Toastmasters will collaborate on the best ways to get the word out, build a marketing and public relations plan for the clubs, THEN…. are you ready?… we will EXECUTE the plan!

Dive into marketing and public relations.
Learn how to help your own club by helping others.
No Club Left Behind!

Email me at to join the effort.
Think-tank conference calls to begin the week of December 18th. Let me know if you’re interested!

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Molly Ketcham

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