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District 10 Leadership Nominations

Are you interestedin an elected District 10 leadership position? Or is there a fellow member you believe is interested and who you would like to nominate for an elected district office? Elected district offices are: District Director Program Quality Director Club Growth Director Division Directors –Central, Eastern, Northern, Southern and Western Officer terms begin on…

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Advanced Club Open House in Westlake

Westside Advanced Toastmasters is having an open house on January 6, 2018, and we invite you to join us! Our theme is “making 2018 your best year yet.” Our featured speaker is Larry Szczepanski, DTM, professional speaker and coach, and Certified Clinical Hypnotist. Larry will share mind-altering ideas that can help you stay focused and be…

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Visiting Clubs Outside of District 10 – It’s Fun!

Have you ever visited another Toastmasters club outside of the one you hold membership? It could have been in your same area or division. As an Area Director, I attended other clubs to complete the biannual reports. I recently took advantage of exploring a couple of clubs outside of District 10. It was exciting and…

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Join the Marketing BOOST Team

Toastmasters of District 10: Have you ever attended a club meeting with very low participation because your membership is low? You struggle to fill the roles and you hear feedback from the same people each week? District 10 is launching a new initiative to increase membership levels. We want to focus on the clubs with…

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Toastmasters Learn How to Grow Membership

Toastmasters Learn How to Grow Membership at the 2017 Marketing InstituteBy Monica Reusser Each of the 100+ Toastmasters clubs in District 10 is unique, but they all face one challenge: 20 members. While some clubs keep their membership levels high year after year, many clubs find it challenging to routinely hit 20. Where can Toastmasters…

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