Pathways Training Sessions and Downloads — Now Available!

The time for which we have eagerly awaited is here! 

We are on the cusp of launching Toastmasters International’s new education program, Pathways, an innovative, relevant, and robust program for learning leadership and communication skills. What an exciting time to be a Toastmaster!

As part of Region 6, our District is scheduled to launch the new program on October 31, 2017.

What does that mean for you?

You need to learn about the program!

  • Each club will receive a visit by a Pathways Ambassador and Guide.
  • In addition, each Division is hosting at least one training session (or Pathways TLI). If you are a Club President, VPE, or Secretary please make sure you are educated about Pathways before October 31. (click here to register for a session)

Pathways Downloads

Below is a list of 10 downloads you will find helpful in learning more about Pathways. Read the descriptions below each of the links to get an overview of the contents of each item. (Note: You must be logged into this website to download materials.

01. Pathways FAQ’s — Download available to members only

Brief summary of Frequently Asked Questions about Pathways. Prepared by Deonna Moore Taylor, DTM. (2 pages)

216.2 KB
02. Pathways Quick Start Guide — Download available to members only

Handy summary about preparing for Pathways. Perfect for every member of Toastmasters to learn how to login and get started. (2 pages)

4.2 MB
03. Pathways Starter Packet – “The Navigator” — Download available to members only

Essential information about the Toastmasters journey and Toastmasters Pathways learning experience. Perfect for handing to new club members, and for anyone who wants to start the Pathways learning experience. (26 pages)

4.4 MB
04. Pathways Paths and Core Competencies — Download available to members only

Visual overview of all 10 Paths in the Pathways learning experience and how each path maps to five core competencies. Summarizes each Path on a single page and the requirements for each of the 5 levels in each Path. (11 pages)

1.5 MB
05. Pathways Projects and Paths Catalog — Download available to members only

Comprehensive details about the Pathways learning experience. Includes specific details on all 10 Paths, the 5 Levels in each Path, and descriptions of over 50 Elective Projects. (66 pages)

2.2 MB
06. VP Education Responsibilities with Pathways – Working with Base Camp Manager — Download available to members only

Essential document for any Club Vice President of Education. Outlines what you need to do in Base Camp Manager to track and record your club members’ progress in the Pathways program. (44 pages)

7.4 MB
07. Pathways Guide – Role Description — Download available to members only

Document for individuals who are serving as Pathways Guides and assisting with launching Pathways in the District. Outlines responsibilities, skills required, criteria, and credit. (3 pages)

91.2 KB
08. Pathways Marketing Materials – “Develop Your Leaders From Within” — Download available to members only

Handout document about starting/sponsoring a company club to develop employee speaking and leadership skills. (4 pages)

2.4 MB
09. Pathways Marketing Materials – “Where Will Pathways Take You?” — Download available to members only

Single-page flyer that clubs can use to promote Toastmasters’ new education program. Space for “Your Local Club Contact”.

1.6 MB
10. Pathways Marketing Materials – “Transform Your Talent” — Download available to members only

Single-page flyer for promotion of Toastmasters’ new education program, especially in company environments. Space to customize contact information.

1.1 MB
Maximize Club Website For Growth — Download available to members only

Slides from the Marketing Institute on March 30, 2019, on how to maximize your club website to achieve membership growth.

9.1 MB
Pathways-Snapshot-BW — Download available to members only 151.4 KB


To summarize, you have multiple opportunities to learn about the new Pathways Learning Experience. Your club will be visited by a Pathways Ambassador and Guide, you can attend one of the free Pathways TLI’s, and you can download relevant materials using the links above.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to your Club President, Vice President of Education, or Area Director.

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David Caban


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