What award will you finish this spring?

Climb Towards a Distinguished Club!

With a little less than one month to go in the Toastmasters year, several clubs have already obtained Distinguished status! Many more are almost there!

If your club needs more members to reach the 20 members mark or the net gain of 5 members, browse through this list to get membership building ideas. The best membership building action to get guests is a personal invitation from you! 

 Download Ideas to Recruit and Retain Club Members
 or Send me your email address and I will send you to the document.

If you have the member requirement, but are short on goals towards DCP, check with your VP of Education and look at your member progress to see what members are close to completing an education award. With less than one month remaining, knowing what members are close to goals will help with speech and meeting role scheduling.

See where your club is in the Distinguished Club Program

 Distinguished Club Progress Reports

One simple way to earn credit toward a DCP point for next year is to submit this year’s officer list by June 30th.

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