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We’ve seen the power of MeetUp – clubs that are actively using MeetUp are consistently seeing guests come through their doors. Now it’s time to expand our reach with MeetUp to feature special events that are open to the public. (Because of MeetUp’s terms, we get 3 MeetUps – so this doesn’t cost the district any more money.)

Communication and Leadership in Northeast Ohio will be another place for us to advertise to the non-Toastmasters in northeastern Ohio. If you club is hosting a special event such as a

  • Youth Leadership Program
  • Speechcraft (either workshop or series)
  • Success Leadership or Success Communication Workshops
  • Club Open Houses
  • New Club Kickoff or meetings
  • Contests: Club, Area, Division or District

you can post it on this new site.

The rules about MeetUp will still apply. You’ll need at least 4 people to RSVP to the event for MeetUp to promote it. You’ll need your VP PR to join this meetup in order to post events. Adding images will help your event to shine – you can use the same images as you use for your Facebook pages.

The purpose of this MeetUp is to help your clubs find new members. Let us help you by signing up for this MeetUp at

What About the Other MeetUps?

The other two MeetUps we have

Northeastern Ohio Toastmasters – District 10

Cleveland, OH
797 Members

If you’re interested in learning public speaking skills or leadership skills, Toastmasters is for you. This proven program allows each member to work at a self-determined pace…

Next Meetup

Crossroads Toastmasters

Wednesday, May 24, 2017, 7:30 AM
4 Attending


Central Ohio Toastmasters

Cleveland, OH
65 Members

Has the fear of public speaking hurt your personal life? Have poor leadership skills stopped your career? Toastmasters may help you overcome these barriers to a fuller, more p…

Next Meetup

Westlake Unity Toastmasters

Thursday, Jun 1, 2017, 7:00 PM
1 Attending

are both still active. You can post your club meetings in either MeetUp. If you need help, you can talk to the district leadership for assistance.

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Kim Krajci

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