EDWINS Founder Brandon Chrostowski to receive Communication and Leadership Award

On Saturday, April 29, 2017, Toastmasters International District 10 Director Dave Wiley will present Cleveland-area resident Brandon Chrostowski with the Communication and Leadership Award 2016-2017. The Communication and Leadership award is presented by the District to a person in the community who is an outstanding communicator or leader.


Toastmasters International District 10 is recognizing Mr. Chrostowski for his mission to arm those re-entering society with a skill set and a smile with the nonprofit EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute in Shaker Square. It starts as a restaurant that also doubles as a cooking school for the formerly incarcerated. EDWINS culinary arts program is even being provided to state prisons so current inmates can start their own prep work for a career post jail. The overall goal is to help people who have been in prison or stop the path of a person whose lifestyle could possibly result with them in jail.


The program provides training in Culinary Arts and the Hospitality Industry. Individuals are not only equipped with basic culinary skills, but also are assisted with finding employment, have the opportunity to utilize free housing, basic medical care, clothing, job coaching, and literacy programs.

Chrostowski says the significance behind the EDWINS name is a declaration that EDucation WINS. “We can educate students and people working in prisons to a new reality, and we can educate diners and the public that the people here are all human beings trying to make their lives better. Edwin is also my middle name and my grandpa’s name. And he embodied the spirit that education is one thing, but you still have to work hard and have a tough spirit to succeed.”

The award will be presented during the luncheon Saturday, April 29th at the Toastmasters District 10 spring conference held at the Hilton Garden Inn – 700 Beta Conference and Banquet Center in Mayfield, OH. The address is 700 Beta Drive, Mayfield Village, OH 44143. To register to attend, visit www.district10.org/conference.

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Sue Woods

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