Volunteers Needed Now!

The spring conference is coming on fast and it’s time to step up and volunteer!

Our conferences are always based on the work of willing volunteers who fill in the 60+ spots that are necessary to make a conference successful.

Are you one of those volunteers this year?

Volunteer Chair Tony Green DTM PDG is on the lookout for those willing to raise their hands to contribute to the success of the conference. “If you see me at a meeting and I’m texting someone or I’m talking on the phone to someone, you can be sure that I’m talking to someone about taking on a role at the conference on April 20th,” Tony said between phone calls at the Eastern Division contest today.

The need is real and the opportunities stretch from prep the day before the conference with stuffing the goodie bags and set-up to the day of the conference with registration, introducing our education speakers

  • registration, introducing our education speakers.
  • introducing our education speakers.
  • assisting the district contest chair.
  • setting up, staffing, and tearing down the bookstore.
  • raffle ticket sales.

… and many more unsung heroes roles.


Conference Chair Seats Still Open for Volunteers

Some of the conference chairs slots are still open. This is a problem for Lenard Taylor, conference co-chair. “It’s easy to get someone to agree to help. It’s not so easy finding someone to take charge,” he said at the Eastern Division contest.

Toastmasters’ motto is Where Leaders Are Made. The conference is one opportunity to discover the leader inside you. If you take on the conference chair position, you may be able to use it for a High Performance Leadership project. The HPL is one of the tasks necessary to get the Advanced Leadership Silver award. This step, often put off until the last step in the DTM path, can be done at any time during a Toastmaster’s membership. It doesn’t have to wait until the Toastmaster has finished any other program or award. Toastmasters International will keep the record on file.

What’s Stopping You from Volunteering?

You can become a volunteer and hear more about the opportunities awaiting you by contacting Tony Green at acgitsme@yahoo.com right away. The conference is only a few weeks away. Don’t miss your chance to become one of the leaders made by Toastmasters.

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Kim Krajci

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