Southern Division Contest Winners

Terry Begue and Sandy Muirhead-Gould

Congratulations Southern Division Contest winners!

International Speech

1st Place – Terry Begue (Hall of Fame Advanced)

2nd Place – Melanie Carr (Stark State Toastmasters)

Evaluation Contest

1st Place – Sandy Muirhead-Gould (Stark State Toastmasters)

2nd Place – Dan Toussant (Hall of Fame Advanced)

Excellent Contest for Southern Division March 28 at the Akron Wellness Center in Green.

Contest Master – Eric Resnick
Chief Judge – Kathy Hammond
Sergeant at Arms – Dan Minder
Timers – Anant Mathur and Scott Todd Taylor
Target Speaker – Jenilee Grabenhorst Taylor

Winners will compete in the 2017 District 10 Spring Conference Saturday, April 29th at the Hilton Garden Inn in Mayfield Heights, OH.

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Sue Woods

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