Club Presidents and VPEs – your vote counts! PROXY ATTACHED

Dear Presidents and Vice Presidents Education,

Your votes are important. The District Council business meeting will take place April 29th at the District 10 Spring Conference at 7:30 am Please plan to attend or to submit the attached proxy.

Part of your duties as Presidents and Vice Presidents Education is to attend the Council meeting and vote on District business. If you are not able to attend, someone from your club can come and vote via proxy.

Presidents and VPEs are the voting members of a club at the District level. We need a quorum of one-third of club presidents and VPEs to hold the business meeting, so your proxy or your presence at the meeting is VERY IMPORTANT.

Anyone from the club can carry the proxy as long as he or she is a member in good standing in a club in good standing.

You must be a member of the club for which you are carrying the proxy.

There is no charge to attend the business meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you at the District 10 Spring Conference —

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Sue Woods

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