It’s that time of year!

It’s that time of year!

Toastmasters International dues are due.

Payments must be received by Toastmasters International by October 1. This year, THERE IS NO GRACE PERIOD.

International dues will be $45 for six months beginning October 1. This works out to $7.50 per month. (Club dues are at the discretion of the club.)


Here’s how Toastmasters International puts it:

“As you consider the dues increase, think for a moment about seminars, conferences, and college or university classes that cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. Toastmasters, at US 90 per year, provides education and invaluable practical experience. You gain feedback and support from peers, and develop the confidence and transferable skills that will help you achieve your personal and professional goals.”

I hope you agree that Toastmasters provides incredible value.

Remember that to compete at a Toastmasters contest at any level, a contestant must be a member in good standing in a club in good standing. This means the member’s International dues must be paid AND the club must have at least eight paid members.

Thank you for appreciating the value in Toastmasters!

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Sue Woods

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