Do You Know Where You Are? DTM Award CHECKPOINT


Are you on track to get your DTM? Are you sure?

Do you know where you are and what you need to do next?

The new education program PATHWAYS will be starting next year and two years after that, if you’re not done… you’re done for.

Looking for Advice? Guidance? A Clue? Ask us!

Hall of Fame Advanced Toastmasters Club invites you to bring in

  • All of your Toastmasters manuals
  • All your stray evaluations and awards
  • Your Education Awards records from Toastmasters International

And a DTM will sit down with you personally to review where you are and what you need to do next!

WHERE: Hall of Fame Advanced Club meeting at 
Creative Source, 4623 Everhard Rd NW, North Canton,

WHEN: October 8, 2016, at 8 am to 12 pm

RSVP to Kim Krajci at or on for instructions regarding the Toastmasters International Educational Awards Records. We will help you fill out a Membership Achievement Record, free of charge!

Figure out where you’re going and how you’re going to get there – AWARD CHECKPOINT will show you!

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Kim Krajci

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