Make Your Year as a District Officer a Success!

If you’re serving as an Area Director or Division Director this year, you’ve got goals. You’ve got plans. You know what you want to do… but do you know how to do it?

Does the idea of taking on the job as area director excite you? Or are you lying awake in bed wondering whatever possessed you to volunteer for such a crazy task?

You’re not alone. We’ve got over a dozen other new area directors equally worried – and it’s not your fault.

In years past, we’ve seen people with great leadership skills step up to this task. We’ve seen people with no more previous experience in club leadership than being a sergeant-at-arms suddenly become area governors. And what’s happened?

You know what happened. Great things. Terrible things. Weird things. Things that NOBODY was ever prepared for.

Are you willing to be one of those directors? The deer-caught-in-the-headlights without a clue what to do next? The area director without a direction?

It Doesn’t Have To Be Like That: The Better Way to Become a Successful Area Director

I was the sergeant-at-arms that became an area director.

I had a great DTM mentor who said,

“The next thing you need to be is an area governor for your DTM.”

So I volunteered. That recommendation for being a club president or VP Education – well, no one else was asking to be the area governor that year, so I got the job.

Ever get on a ride at the amusement park with no idea what was coming? That was me. I had NO clue what I was expected to do or how to do it.

  • I started the year with 5 clubs. 
  • I had one club fold.
  • I had 2 new clubs charter – and one of those folded 4 months later when the business closed.
  • I had no distinguished, select, or presidential distinguished clubs.
  • My division governor died before the end of the year.

I did my club visits – but I didn’t know how to file my club reports until after they were due.

With the other Stark County area governor, we hosted two great contests and make-up TLI trainings, but only because a DTM asked where the sign-in sheet was did I know that I needed one so that my club officers would get credit for attending.

Yes, I was an area governor. But nobody nominated me for Area Governor of the year.

I needed to know the secrets of being a GREAT area governor.

I Want to Share Those Secrets With You!

I learned the hard way. You don’t have to. We’ve got you covered.

District 10 will have District Executive Training on Saturday, July 162016 at 9:30 a.m. at the Mayfield Public Library, 500 SOM Center Road, Mayfield Village, Ohio.

We’ll teach you the tricks, the hacks, the techniques, the necessities, and the requirements to complete your job. You’ll walk away understanding

  • Club visit reports
  • MeetUp marketing options for clubs and events
  • Contests: dates, scheduling, rules, encouraging clubs to hold contests, finding contest masters and chief judges
  • Make-Up TLI: deadlines, topics, speakers
  • and much more!

You won’t want to miss this – you can’t miss this! DEC Officer training is mandatory for all officers.*

Get this on your calendar now! Plan to be there to find out how to make your year as an Area Director a


*Make-up DEC training will be arranged on a case-by-case basis. Contact District Director Dave Wiley to schedule if you can’t make this event.

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Kim Krajci

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