District 10 Fall 2016 Conference: Call for Presenters!

The Fall Conference Education Committee is looking for dynamic professional speakers to educate, challenge, inspire, and entertain attendees at the Fall 2016 Conference. Could that be you?

Have you ever wanted to share your ideas or educate other Toastmasters? We are looking for presenters who have expertise in the areas of communication and leadership.


We have a very diverse audience in D10. We need to offer something special for the Toastmasters who joined yesterday and the members who have been dedicated to Toastmasters for decades.

Our conference theme this year is: Going all in! Innovate, Integrate, Motivate! This is a perfect theme for a Toastmasters conference because it doesn’t restrict you very much on what kind of topics you can offer.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • (Leadership topic for new and veteran Toastmasters): Leadership Styles: What is your leadership style? How can you work with leadership styles other than your own?
  • (Communication topic for new and veteran Toastmasters): How to manage your emotions when communicating during emotionally charged situations. Dealing with pushback.
  • (Club success topic): Meeting variety: Debates, Tall Tales Contest, Backward meetings, using themes to keep the meetings interesting.
  • (Because it’s Table Topics Contests Season): Managing Table Topics – techniques to control fear or anxiousness.
  • (Because it’s Humorous Speech Contest Season): How to write a humorous speech and be funny even if you think you aren’t funny.
  • District and Club leadership: How can being club or district leader help my resume? How can being a leader in Toastmasters help me work on my communication and leadership skills in my job and with my family? What’s in it for me?
  • Using technology to complement speech writing.
  • Competing in contests: Discussion on how contests can challenge you to go from good to great. What contests can do for a Toastmaster who has goals of sharpening their speaking skills. How to compete in contests.
  • Storytelling: What makes a good story? How to prepare a strong introduction and conclusion in a story. How to streamline the story to stay on topic.
  • What are the top five things a person does to quash a presentation? How can we avoid these things?
  • Professionalism while speaking: Posture, energy, rate of speech, articulation, choosing the right verbiage for the audience, boundaries, interacting with people professionally, time, etc.
  • What is your learning style/modality? Modalities refer to how students use their senses in the learning process. We commonly consider four modalities: visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), kinesthetic (moving), and tactile (touching). Discuss the different modalities and have an activity where the audience can learn their preferred modality.
  • Quick tips on how to write a publish a book.

This is just a list of ideas for you to consider. Some of these ideas were offered to me by Toastmasters within the District. I would go to any one of these sessions. If you have another idea, please let me know.

For more information on this opportunity, please download the application (it’s in an MS Word Document for your convenience). Submit your workshop presentation idea as per the instructions on form (please read the entire form, there are a few new requirements this year).

Selected speakers will present a 45-minute education session. This is your chance to take your message to the District 10 audience!

Kitty Brandal
Fall Conference Education Chair
(419) 239-5732

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