May/June 2016 Newsletter – District 10 News and Events

A Message from District 10 Director Jenilee Taylor

Another Toastmaster year is getting ready to close. As I look back over the last eleven months, I cannot help but feel blessed to be part of Toastmasters and District 10. We are a remarkable group of individuals from different backgrounds sharing a journey of growth and discovery. I have spent time visiting clubs and speaking with individuals about what it means to be a Toastmaster. Throughout my travels I have seen the talent, leadership and dedication to the organization and the values that it stands for. We may not have reached every goal we set out to accomplish, but we can be proud that we acted with respect, integrity, service and excellence in mind. Without each and every one of you, and your hard work and passion, we would not be the impressive district that we are today. Thank you for all you do and the difference you make.

Go for Distinguished!

By Dave Wiley, District 10 Program Quality Director

Congratulations to all that completed education awards between February 1 and April 30. The $10.00 gift certificates are just about ready to be mailed and should be going out by June 10th. We hope this incentive helped actuate you to achieving your personal goals!

As the Toastmasters New Year approaches, go for Distinguished, Select Distinguished or Presidents Distinguished! Make sure you have your education awards turned in! The Toastmasters year ends June 30th.

The June 18th TLI is coming quickly. TLI stands for Toastmasters Leadership Institute. It is designed to train club officers on their upcoming roles for the year! Your club can begin achieving its first point toward distinguished status by training at least four officers in the fall training session. If you aren’t sure what this means, just make sure you send at least four officers to training. You’ll be taught about the Distinguished Club program.

This years’ TLI takes place at the Crowne Plaza Cleveland South, 5300 Rockside Road in Independence. Breakfast will begin at 8:00 AM with classes starting at 9:00. You’ll be treated to the Distinguished Club program, a session on the revitalized education program, a session on Youth leadership, and many other items of note! Additionally at 11:00 training specific to your role as an officer will be held to get you started on the right foot. Registration is on the District 10 website. This gives us an accurate count for the hotel for breakfast and seating. Please make sure you pre-register.

New Club News

By Tim Juda, District 10 Club Growth Director

Help your club win the Beat the Clock award. Clubs adding five new, dual or reinstated members with a join date between May 1 and June 30 receive a “Beat the Clock” ribbon to display on the club’s banner. Qualifying clubs also earn a special discount code for 10-percent off their next club order. All clubs that earn the Beat the Clock award will receive a set of club officer pins from the District!

Best wishes to these clubs in the chartering process:

Unity Club
NEO Hudson Club
Tri-C Metro
Cuyahoga County DCFS Club
Indian River Club

Have a lead for a new club? Contact

A Toastmaster’s Story: What’s Your Next Investment?

By Vicky Nann, District 10 Public Relations Manager

This is a story about investing wisely. But not how you might think.

Terry Begue was born in Akron, Ohio, in 1959, the seventh of eight kids. Growing up he never knew what it was like to feel flush with cash. He didn’t know what it was like to achieve much of anything. “I was the dumb kid,” he reveals. “I was labeled ‘slow’ in second grade, and voted most reserved in high school. I barely got through high school and then survived one month of college. That was it.”

Dropping out of college meant Terry had to find work. He had no education and no marketable skills. One day it struck him that he could paint houses. But he’d have to sell himself, and that would be a big challenge.

Selling himself meant he would have to explain his value as a painter to prospective customers. He’d have to talk to people face-to-face, because, he says, “There were no other options.” It was hard. He couldn’t afford to advertise. Promotion was strictly word of mouth. But his business grew, and by 2005, he had enough saved to put both of his children through college.

On the advice of someone he thought was a lot smarter, Terry invested most of his hard-earned savings in commercial real estate. Prices would keep going up, he was told. But in 2007 the real estate market crashed. Plummeting market values forced Terry had to give up his properties.

That fall, after he dropped his daughter off at college – he had just enough savings left to pay for that semester – the immensity of his loss hit him. A college education had eluded Terry. He didn’t want it to elude his kids. An education would be their ticket to a better life, and he had wanted to buy that ticket for them. And now that chance was gone.

Suddenly he had an idea: he would write a book.

He started writing. He wrote seven days a week, all winter long. One day, at a trade show for house painters, he met a woman who offered to help edit and promote his book. He took her up on her offer. Besides helping with the book, she suggested he hone his public speaking skills so he could more effectively promote both the book and his business.

Join Toastmasters, she said. He’d never heard of it. She helped him find a club. “The members were all business people,” Terry recalls. “I was really out of my league.” But he stuck with it because they made him feel smart and like he belonged.

Developing his public speaking skills gave Terry the courage to approach a professional organization, Painting and Decorating Contractors of America, about speaking at their annual conference. His topic: communicating your value as a painter. Soon he was speaking at professional organizations around the country. His self-published book, “The Wealthy Housepainters Guide to Having It All,” was selling around the world. He was writing dozens of articles for trade magazines. Even HGTV Magazine was calling him for expert advice. “I still don’t know how they got my phone number!” Terry laughs.

This from a man who had thought everyone else was smarter than he was.

He reflects on his first year with Toastmasters. “Everyone was supportive and friendly,” he says. They encouraged him to compete in the club speech contest. He did – and lost. “Failing to win my first Toastmasters speech contest made me angry,” Terry says. But anger turned to determination. He told himself he could do better. With new resolve, he continued to compete.

It took a few years, but in 2014, Terry won the Toastmasters District 10 [Northeastern Ohio] International speech contest. He advanced to the semi-finals in Malaysia, and although he didn’t win the ultimate Toastmasters title, World Champion of Public Speaking, he came closer than many do. “Toastmasters gave me confidence,” he says. “It taught me how to communicate a higher level of value. And for me, it’s paid off.”

In the years since he joined Toastmasters, Terry was able to pay for his two children’s undergraduate educations, as well as his son’s law school program and his daughter’s master’s program. “Each kid got a one-year scholarship, so I was off the hook for a couple of years,” Terry says with a grin.

Financial investments are important. But investing in developing your skills, in particular public speaking and leadership skills, can go a long way when the economy is sluggish. Countless people attest that Toastmasters, the world’s largest nonprofit focused on training public speaking and leadership skills, changed their lives. Terry Begue, superstar house painter and superstar Toastmaster, is just one example.

What will your next investment be?

Tell your Toastmasters story. Contact

Important Dates

June 18 Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) – your first opportunity for officer training. Be sure to register. It’s free (and includes breakfast)!

June 30 Beat the Clock membership drive ends

June 30 Officer lists due at Toastmasters International

July 1 Toastmasters fiscal year 2016-2017 begins

August 1 Smedley Award membership drive begins

August 17-20 Toastmasters 2016 International ConventionWashington, DC

April and May 2016 Education Award Recipients

CC Almatani, Adham Saleh
CC Almolhem, Abdulaziz Khalid A.
ACS Altman, Scott H.
CC Bachie, Dean Allen
CL Baldacci, Brian G
CL Bateman, Judy
CL Belt, Sharon R.
ACB Bennett, Kimberly
CL Boehnlein, Kyle R.
CC Broceus, Randy L.

CL Broggini, Roger A
CC Brooks, Deidre D.
ACB Brown, Patti A.
ACS Brustoski, Sharon L.
CC Burrows, Mary Anne
CC Calderone, James A.
ACS Carthon, Sherita M.
CL Chandler, Rita Annette
CC Chaney, Antoniette Louise
CC Chapman, Rebecca M.

ALB Coward, Mahogany R.
ACS Coward, Mahogany R.
CC Dahnke, Aaron
ACS Deegan, Dennis James
CC Douglas, Denise M.
CL Drippon, Scott Michael
CC Ennouni, Kamal
CL Even, Gil
ACB Fiodembo, Joyce K
ALB Fondran, Greg A.

ALB Force, Dale A.
CC Francis, Jacob M.
CL Freedline, Robert J.
ALB Gayhart, James A.
ACB Giammo, John J.
CC Green, Joan Karen
CC Gurin, Richard J.
CL Haines, Karen A.
ALB Haller, Edward J.
CC Harper, David

CL Hedrick, Gary
CC Hoffman, Brooke Marie
CC Horvath, Kathleen
CC Hughes, Brent A
ACS Hylton, Donald St. Elmo
ALB Karunakar, Narasimha
ALB Kavouras, John
ALB Keyes, Brian T.
CC Kintyhtt, Matt Paul
CC Kocjancik, Adam R

CC Kosco, Susan
CC Lloyd, Arthur Richard
CC Ludema, Grant A
CL Maschak, Jeanine
CC Masek, Jerome E.
ACB McCullum, Holly
CC McGuigan, Kristina
ALB McNutt, Christina M.
CL McNutt, Christina M.
CC Minder, Dan

CC Mishmish, Mohamed
CC Morgan, Andrew S.
CC Muirhead-Gould, Sandy M.
CL Nann, Victoria Z.
CC Nann, Victoria Z.
CC Niemi, Nathan M.
CL Oelkers, Matthew Gary
CC Patterson, Stephen J.
ACS Penny, Cynthia E.
CC Phillips, Marcus E.

CC Pierce, Gary
CL Radwan, Aziz
CL Rango, Jeff
CC Redding, Patricia L.
CC Richards, Robin
CC Risko, Martin Dennis
CC Roberts, Bradlee K
CC Rogers, Kallie Ann
CC Schnell, Eugene R.
ACG Scruggs, Greg

ACS Scruggs, Greg
ACS Secrist, Nancy
CL Shelling, Peter A.
CC Smith, Benita L.
CC Smith, Willaim J
ACB Spayer, Patricia O.
CL Strasser, Michele L
ACB Taylor, Lenard
ACB Umbel, Marissa L.
CC Vargo, Christopher A

CC Velez, Luis A.
CC Watenpool, Christopher Vincent
ACB Watts, Sherry A.
CC Wearsch, Gail
CC Wells, Andrea D.
CC Yee, Bonson Y.
CC Zwegat, Andrea Ann

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Vicky Nann

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