April 2016 Newsletter – District 10 News and Events

Spring Conference Update, Proxy Reminder, and Your Goals

by Dave Wiley, District 10 Program Quality Director

The District 10 Spring Conference is right around the corner! Don’t miss seeing Sheryl Roush show you the ins-and-outs of adding Sparkle to your presentations. On Sunday she is offering a course on becoming a professional presenter. You will also enjoy twelve presenters from within Toastmasters doing educational sessions on various topics! And witness firsthand the incredible speakers and evaluators still left standing that are vying for District 10 Champion in our District International Speech Finals and Evaluation Finals. Visit www.district10.org for details.

Calling all division directors, area directors, club presidents and VPEs! Your vote makes a difference. April 16th at 7:30 am at the conference venue we will have the District Council Meeting. You can learn all about what is going on in the District and vote on the leaders for the new Toastmasters year. If you cannot attend, grab the proxy form off the District 10 website and give it to someone in your club who is attending the District Conference! They must be a member in good standing from your club.

Don’t forget to get your education awards in by April 30th! Turning in an award between Feb 1 and April 30th will get you a $10 gift certificate to Toastmasters International’s store AND it will help your club achieve distinguished status quicker! Submit early as your VPE must have the award submitted by the deadline in order for you to receive the certificate.

Less than three months separates us from success and the end of the Toastmasters’ Year. Have you fulfilled what you set out to accomplish? Take a look at where you stand and where you want to be.

New Club News

by Tim Juda, District 10 Club Growth Director

Several clubs are in the chartering process. They include:

Unity Club
Career Management Club
NEO Hudson Club
2Excel Group
Tri-C Metro
Cuyahoga County DCFS Club
Indian River Club

You can help these clubs build momentum. Attend a meeting, and, even better, bring a guest. For more information, or if you have an idea for a new club, contact Club Growth Director Tim Juda at clubgrowth@district10.org.

Calling all Toastmasters!

Interested in participating in the 100 Million Steps Akron Walking Challenge?

This initiative is aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and stimulating civic engagement by uniting the Akron community around a single goal: to collectively walk 100,000,000 steps. The 10 week challenge welcomes community members, organizations and local businesses to grab their sneakers, get out, and get active. The challenge will officially begin on Monday, April 18, 2016 and the final step count will take place at the National Interstate 8k & 1 Mile on June 25, 2016 which serves as the kick-off to the Akron Children’s Hospital Akron Marathon Race Series.

You can register and choose Toastmasters District 10 as your group to participate with! It is already set up.

Yes we can walk and talk at the same time!

Information about the event is here: 100 Million Steps Akron. Sign up to walk and talk here: Register for 100 Million Steps.

Contact Dave Wiley wiley@mayfran.com with questions. 

Looking for a speaking challenge? Join an advanced club!

by Vicky Nann, District 10 Public Relations Manager

If you’re looking for a bigger challenge, visit one of District 10’s four advanced community clubs: Central Akron Advanced, Eastside Advanced, Hall of Fame Advanced, or Westside Advanced. (If you work at Progressive, check out Progressive Insurance Advanced.) To join an advanced club, you need to have made at least six speeches in the Competent Communication manual – and a desire to push yourself even further.

While all Toastmasters clubs help develop public speaking and leadership skills, advanced clubs set the bar higher. If you’re thinking about becoming a professional (that is, paid) public speaker, an advanced club can provide the coaching and guidance to help you take the next step. Being vetted by an advanced club is also a requirement to join the District 10 Speakers’ Bureau.

Here’s an opportunity to check out an advanced club meeting. On Saturday, May 7 from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. Central Akron Advanced and Hall of Fame Advanced clubs will be hosting a shared open house. All Toastmasters are welcome. The event will be held at St. Thomas Hospital, 444 N. Main Street, Akron. Refreshments will be provided. Contact Vicky Nann at vicky@vickynann.com or Laura Dressler at lauradressler931@gmail.com for details and directions.

A Toastmaster’s Story: Pushing Boundaries Leads to a New Job

by Vicky Nann, District 10 Public Relations Manager

When Rachel Miller’s boss told her she needed to “come out of her shell,” Rachel didn’t know how. So she consulted her dad.

Rachel Miller

“My father said, ‘Join Toastmasters,’ ” Rachel recalls. ” I didn’t know what it was, but I looked into it and found a club.”

A self-professed introvert, Rachel was at first startled by the demands of her fellow Toastmasters. “I was forced into meeting roles that weren’t 100% comfortable for me,” Rachel confesses. “But pretty quickly, I realized the club gave me opportunities for growth that I didn’t have at work.”

Her confidence increasing, Rachel became more involved in club meetings – and decided that she was ready for greater challenges at work as well. Mike Maczuzak, one of her club members, began talking with Rachel about her career plans. Not long after that, he offered her a job at his company.

“Rachel was the ideal candidate for the job,” says Mike. “Her resume showed she was a good match on paper, but her performance during club meetings convinced me that she would be a good addition to the company. Toastmasters is an uncommonly good way to get to know someone personally and professionally.”

Continuing to push her personal boundaries, Rachel submitted a session proposal for the District 10 2016 Spring Conference – and it was accepted. She’s moderating a panel presentation about how Millenials – of which she is one – can benefit from Toastmasters.

Her enthusiasm for Toastmasters is obvious. “Younger people are looking for opportunities to advance,” Rachel said. “Toastmasters is an avenue toward developing the skills needed for a promotion or a new job.”

Have a Toastmasters story you’d like to share? Contact District Public Relations Manager Vicky Nann at publicrelations@district10.org.

A Glimpse into the Past: Toastmasters Memories from 1963

Toastmaster Mark Timm, president of STERIS Toastmasters, shared this:

Looking through family memorabilia, fellow STERIS Toastmaster Luis Velez came across a newspaper clipping of Presque Isle (Pennsylvania) Toastmasters.

Luis is STERIS’ sergeant-at-arms. In an interesting coincidence, his father-in-law, Cedrick Thompson, depicted in the 1963 photo, was that club’s SAA.

Do you have historic Toastmasters photos to share with District 10? Submit them to Public Relations Manager Vicky Nann at publicrelations@district10.org.

Important Dates

April 16 District 10 Spring Conference, Malone University

April 17 Spring Conference bonus session, Is your heart’s desire to be PAID for your speaking? by special guest Sheryl Roush.

May 1 Beat the Clock membership drive begins. Add five new members in 60 days.

May 31 Reports of area directors are due

June 30 Beat the Clock membership drive ends

June 25 Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) – first opportunity for officer training.

July 1 Toastmasters fiscal year 2016-2017 begins

August 17-20 SAVE THE DATE! Toastmasters 2016 International Convention, Washington, DC

February and March 2016 Education Award recipients

CL Adhen, Manmohan
CC Almujil, Sultan M.
CC Alshahrani, Abdulrhman S
CC Andreas, Sarah E.
CL Bachie, Dean Allen
CC Beatty, Richelle A
CC Bowes, Branden
ACS Brillhart, Ashley E.
ACS Burik, Katherine
CL Burns, Marilyn L.

LDREXC Burrows, Mary Anne
CL Bush, Robert L.
CC Bush, Robert L.
LDREXC Byrd, Art
ALS Byrd, Art
DTM Byrd, Art
CC Chandler, Rita Annette
CC Chang, Sarah R.
ACB Christian, Aaron N.
ACB Coia, Nicholas A.

CL Croom, Bernard
CC Dequach, Jennifer
CL Dilillo, Joan Riley
CC Eatmon, Rayshawn R
CL Edwards, Judith A.
ALB Even, Gil
ACS Even, Gil
CC Ferguson, Beau C.
ALB Ford, Erin M.
CL Frantz, Amy F

CL Gayhart, James A.
CC Gayhart, James A.
ACB Geiselman, Dottie L.
ALS Gerrick, Michael A.
DTM Gerrick, Michael A.
CL Gibbons, Greer T.
CC Greenfield, Gloria J.
CL Harcar, Richard A.
CL Hawkins, Kevin D.
ACS Ho, Anna

CC Jarosz, Nathan
CC Jin, Diana
ACB Keyes, Brian
CL Kidd, Monee
CL Kile, Renee
CL Kingsland, Linda A
CL Kintyhtt, Matt Paul
CL Kovach, Rochelle L.
CC Krajci, Kim

CL Kramer, Annette M.
ACG Kramer, Charles
CL Kulow, Karen A
CC LaBasi, Michele M.
CC Lach, Nicholas D
CL Martello, Christine E.
CC Mathur, Anant B.
CC McGovern, Ryan T.
CL Miller, Bridget C.
CL Miller, Robin A.

CC Mobley, Robert J.
CL Mobley, Robert J.
CC Moore, Victoria L
CC Niles, John J.
ACG Nischwitz, Jeffrey
CC Norris, Ryan J.
CL Norris, Ryan J.
CC Noscal, Nicole
CC Powell, Theodore A.
ACB Richardson, Debra J.

ACB Riehle, Carly S.
CC Sanford, Ursula J.
CC Shepherd, Karen R
CC Siddiquee, Mohammad Z
CL Simms, Timothy Garfield
CC Simms, Timothy Garfield
CL Simon, Laura
ALB Simon, Laura
ACB Skinner, Kathleen
CC Smith, Adam McLernon

CL Stevens, Scott A.
CC Stevens, Scott A.
CL Stoehr, Flek G
CC Sweazy, Tony C.
CL Sweazy, Tony C.
CC Tarka, Dawn M.
LDREXC Taylor, Deonna Moore
ALS Taylor, Deonna Moore
DTM Taylor, Deonna Moore
ACG Taylor, Todd R.

DTM Taylor, Todd R.
CC Tow, Marc R.
CL Tryon, Christine S.
ACG Turner, Rosita J.
ALB Vallampati, Sravanthi
ACB Vallampati, Sravanthi
CC Waits, Kathleen
CL Watts, Sherry A.
ALB Williams, Gary T.
CL Wojciechowicz, Michael P.
CC Xu, Stephen S.

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Vicky Nann

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