Spring Conference Education Sessions Submissions Now Open

Have you ever been to a District 10 conference’s education session?

I remember the first Toastmasters conference I attended many years ago. I walked out of an education session that, frankly, stole my life. It had nothing to do with Toastmasters. I wasn’t even sure that the presenter was a Toastmaster.

I didn’t attend another conference for years. I couldn’t see the point.

I didn’t want to waste my time. And here’s why:

  • I didn’t see the value.
  • I wasn’t an officer in a club.
  • I wasn’t an officer for the District.

I was in search of tools, techniques and training to improve my public speaking and leadership skills – and that session did not provide it.

Fortunately, over the past several years, things have changed.

We work hard in District 10 to provide the best in education experiences.

We want to deliver a fuller, richer educational program…

…but we can’t do it without you!

When I decided to chair the District 10 2016 Spring Conference Education Session Committee, I committed to the task of putting together content for the largest event I’d ever planned. There’s a lot to do. But at the top of my list is this:


“Decent” means the sessions speak to the audience – our attendees. Our attendees fall into three distinct categories:

  • New Toastmasters
  • Toastmasters on the Distinguished Toastmaster track (working on speaking and leadership goals)
  • Distinguished Toastmasters.

I also realized that there’s another whole audience out there – those who are or want to be paid public speakers.

According to Toastmasters International, the education topics should focus on:

  • Public speaking
  • Leadership
  • Toastmasters programs

Talk about challenging! The only solution?


We’re looking for Toastmasters to present excellent sessions about the topics we care about.

Are you one of them?

This conference’s theme is

Next Generation Leadership

We are looking for education sessions that address the future of Toastmasters – the Millennial. 
Possible ideas:

  • How do we reach them?
  • What do we have to offer them?
  • Podcasting, Media, and YouTube – Can Toastmasters Use These?
  • MeetUp and the Millennials

We need education sessions on public speaking, leadership and Toastmasters programs.
Possible Ideas:

  • Death by PowerPoint – Or, Help! Those bullets are killing me! How to make the computer presentation work.
  • Advanced Manual Mania: How to manage the advanced manual decisions
  • What’s Your Greatest Fear? How to overcome stage fright
  • Online Speaker Training options – Ted Talks & Michael Port: Worth it?
  • Youth Leadership programs
  • High Performance Leadership
  • Advanced Speaker Gold Award Workshops. (I really want this one! A panel session would be great!) 

We are searching for education sessions on leadership.
Possible Ideas:

  • Taking Toastmasters to the Millennials
  • Taking your skills outside Toastmasters
  • What’s Your Top Leadership Fear?
  • How to Recover from Leadership Disasters

NEW FOR THIS YEAR: Professional Speaker Track!

If you’re in the paid public speaking world, we need people to help fill these three new education session slots.

Possible Ideas:

  • How to make the transition from free to paid
  • How to get paid – the business of public speaking
  • How to make a name for yourself

We’re looking for you! We have people interested in this topic! Whether you want to handle the whole session yourself or work with a panel – we want to hear from you!

Do you have another idea? 

We want to hear it!

What do you have to do?

  1. Create a education session presentation that you know will appeal to other Toastmasters. This can be a one-Toastmaster show, a duo presentation, a panel discussion, a group discussion, or a workshop… we’re open to anything! Write up a description of what you want to present, who will be interested and any requirements for time slot or equipment. Send it to toastmaster.kim.kraj@gmail.com by February 7, 2016 with the promise that you’re not competing in the International Speech or Evaluation contests. WATCH THAT DEADLINE!
  2. Last fall, over 20 presentations were submitted – but some came in too late for us to consider. Don’t wait! Send in your ideas now! Thanks for considering this opportunity. We want the best possible conference for our attendees!

Kim Krajci
Education Session Chair

District 10 Spring Conference
April 16, 2016
Malone University, Canton Ohio

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Kim Krajci

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