March 2016 Newsletter – District 10 News and Events

The Top Ten Reasons to Attend the District 10 Spring Conference

By Vicky Nann, DTM, District Public Relations Manager

You’ve seen the emails: the ones urging you to “register now” and “volunteer to help” and “donate gift bag items.”

Maybe your area director or club officers have mentioned the conference.

Maybe you’ve been to the District 10 website,, and noticed articles about it.

I’m betting that you know, at least vaguely, that a conference for Toastmasters is in the works. And it is! The District 10 Spring Conference will be held on Saturday, April 16 at Malone University in Canton, with a special bonus session Sunday morning.

But… you’re not sure it’s for you. You think that a conference is for “other people.”

I’ve got news for you: the District 10 Spring Conference IS for YOU! Need a reason to attend? How about ten?

Here are my Top Ten Reasons why you should attend the District 10 spring conference.

Reason #10: New and useful content that will help you reach (or set) your personal goals. This year, multiple tracks of sessions are geared toward your interests. There’ll be speakers you’ve never seen at a conference. Topics that have never been presented. All of it useful.

Reason #9: Witness the best of the best in contest action. One of our talented International speech contestants will advance to the semi-finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking. Who knows – the next world champ might come from District 10! Cheer on the Evaluation speech contestants as they vie for top billing in the District. There’s no better opportunity to see the best demonstrate excellence in public speaking.

Reason #8: Networking. Swap business cards with others who, like you, are focused on developing public speaking and leadership skills. And if business isn’t your thing, then what about friendship, or hobbies, or sharing Toastmasters ideas? The conference is a great place to meet and greet, whether you’re new to Toastmasters or have years of experience. Non-Toastmasters are welcome, too!

Reason #7: A schedule to fit yours. Come for the entire day, or just part of it. Flexible pricing means you can stay for as long as you like.

Reason #6: One-stop (Toastmasters) shopping. Everyone should be working on a Competent Leadership manual. Oh, you don’t have one? Get one (and save the shipping) at the conference bookstore. Find advanced manuals and other materials as well. No excuses for not making manual speeches!

Reason #5: Laugh and learn with keynote speaker Sheryl Roush. Sheryl is a professional public speaker and Toastmasters Accredited Speaker who will share her tips during the keynote, her education session and in a special bonus session on Sunday morning. Come get motivated!

Reason #4: The DTM minting ceremony. Fewer than 1% of Toastmasters worldwide earn it, but several in District 10 recently did. The Distinguished Toastmaster award is the highest education award in the organization. Kudos to the newly minted DTMs. They worked hard. Come applaud them.

Reason #3: Food! Stay for the day and enjoy breakfast and lunch. Half-day morning-only admission includes breakfast; half-day afternoon-only admission includes lunch. Refuel while chatting with your tablemates.

Reason #2: Fun! Catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and laugh. You’ll leave with a smile.

Reason #1: Lots of bang for the buck. The District 10 spring conference is your best opportunity for learning, networking, and having fun. I challenge you to find more content under one roof for the price.

We want to see YOU at the District 10 Spring Conference. This conference is for YOU.

Register for the District 10 Spring Conference. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Membership and New Club News

By Club Growth Director Tim Juda

Current Membership Building Contest: Talk Up Toastmasters!

The “Talk Up Toastmasters” membership program is the chance to encourage your members to invite guests to a special meeting where prospective members can learn about Toastmasters’ many benefits.

Add five new, dual or reinstated members with a join date between February 1 and March 31, and you’ll receive a special “Talk up Toastmasters” ribbon to display on your club’s banner. Qualifying clubs can also earn a special discount code for 10-percent off their next club order.

Member Sponsorship Drive

Membership growth is important to ensure your club’s success. When you sponsor five new members, you will receive a unique blue pin. As an outstanding sponsor of 10 new members, you will earn a unique burgundy pin. Also, when you sponsor 15 new members, you will qualify to receive a special discount code for 25% off your next product purchase from Toastmasters International World Headquarters.

Congratulations to these Toastmasters who have sponsored at least five members since June 1, 2015:

Andrea Jennifer Feltrin (13)
Tony C. Green, DTM (13)
Salvatore R. Pansino, DTM (11)
Victoria Sferra, CC, ALB (10)
Charles Kramer, DTM (8)
Dennis James Deegan, ACB, ALB (8)
Edward Gerard Pleasant, CC (8)
Debi Bellville (6)
Marilyn S. Harman, DTM (6)
Andre F Leblanc (5)
Karen A Kulow, CC (5)
Walter J. Myers (5)

New chartered clubs

District 10 welcomes:

  • Lubrizol Brecksville Toastmasters #5112151 (Chartered 11/18/15)
  • Warren Toastmasters #3577689 (Chartered 2/5/16)

New Clubs in Process

We’re excited about building these new clubs:

  • Advanced Club – Career Management
  • 2Excel Group
  • NEO
  • Parr Insurance Agency
  • Tri-C Metro Campus
  • Unity Toastmasters
  • US Bank

Have an idea for a new club? Would you like to help with a demo meeting? Contact Club Growth Director Tim Juda at

Toastmasters Changed My Life

Toastmaster Michael Sreshta Shares His Story

By Vicky Nann, DTM, District Public Relations Manager

Michael Sreshta

“It’s not pressure. It’s a privilege.”

So says Michael Sresta, a member of Chagrin Valley Toastmasters about the opportunity to speak during club meetings.

But he didn’t always feel that way. “I dreaded speaking so much that I postponed my ice breaker speech for a year,” he says with a laugh.

Once his ice breaker was complete, however, Michael viewed public speaking differently. “I gained confidence,” he says. “My nervousness decreased, and I realized I should work on improving my style and delivery.”

In addition to developing his public speaking skills, Michael also explored the world of club leadership. As his club’s VP Public Relations last year, he communicated with local media, which resulted in coverage in the local press.

“Everything you learn in Toastmasters – like how to contact a newspaper or make a flyer – can be used in other parts of your life,” he says. This can be especially helpful to those who are self-employed or looking for a job or a promotion.

Using skills honed through Toastmasters, Michael started a “lunch and learn” program at work. Two or three times each month he would present topics of interest, including smoking cessation, weight loss, and blood pressure management, to name a few. He held two or three sessions per month.

“In India, where I grew up, we didn’t have many opportunities to speak in public,” he says. “Here in the US, it’s different. Taking an active role in my Toastmasters club gave me the skills I needed to succeed professionally.”

What’s your Toastmasters story? Contact Vicky Nann at to share how Toastmasters changed YOUR life.

Education Awards December 2015 and January 2016

Abramson, Robert S. CC
Babuder, David M. CC
Balk, Jason L. ALB
Banks, Timiko M. ALB
Banks, Timiko M. CC
Bellville, Debi CC
Bellville, Debi CL
Boyd, Bonita J. ACS
Carthon, Sherita M. CC
Clark, Timothy D. CC


Cooney, Aurora CC
Crawford, Reginald L CC
Dennis, Kimberly Ann CL
DeSouza, Peter CL
Dolsen, Michael A. CL
Dressler, Laura CC
Dressler, Laura CL
Edwards, Judith A. CC
Edwards, Judith A. ACB
Feltrin, Andrea Jennifer CL

Ferraro, Geno CC
Fleming, Dennis S. ALB
Friedman, Marsha E. CC
Gallagher, Megan E. CL
Gerich, Jessica CL
Giammo, John J. CC
Giguere, Brenda S. CC
Gram, Jonathan Ludwig CL
Green, Lynn R. ACS
Greenfield, Gloria J. ALB

Haller, Edward J. ACB
Hurst, Don ALB
Hylton, Donald St. Elmo CL
Jendrisak, Sharon M. CC
Kilroy, Gregory T CC
Kramer, Charles ALB
Kramer, Charles CL
Lattanzi, Melissa CC
Mallory, Selena A. CC
Marth, Julie CC

Mathur, Anant B. LDREXC
May, Gene R. ACG
McCullum, Holly CC
McCullum, Holly CL
Mirecki, Laura CC
Mobley, Robert J. CL
Parish, Betty C. ACS
Parish, Betty C. ALB
Parish, Betty C. CC
Perevosnik, Jackie L. CL

Pierson, Edward G. CL
Richardson, Becky J. CC
Richardson, Becky J. CL
Schissler, Rebecca L. CC
Schumacher, George E CC
Scott, Diane CC
Secrist, Nancy CL
Simpson, William C. ACB
Steffey, Laura C CC
Taylor, Lenard CL

Taylor, Lenard ALB
Taylor, Todd R. ACS
Tobin, Carly CC
Ulinski, Linda Chugh CC
Umbel, Marissa L. CL
West, Robert M CC
Williams, Gary T. ACB
Williams, Sandra R. CC

Help Wanted: DTM Mentorship Chair

By Kim Krajci, DTM

District 10 has had a DTM Mentorship project for the last four years. This initiative has increased the number of Distinguished Toastmasters minted during this time.

Started as a High Performance Leadership Project by Marsha Friedman, DTM, the project has been led by Kim Krajci, DTM since 2014.

Kim has announced her retirement from this position in June, 2016.

This position requires a person dedicated to helping others achieve their DTM awards with mentoring, advice and planning assistance. This will include finding opportunities to work with our members, such as DTM Meetups at the conferences and TLIs, newsletters, and visits to the advanced clubs or other methods.

Interested DTMs should apply to the District Director, Jenilee Taylor

Using Meet Up to Attract Guests

District 10 has created an account with, an online meeting site. This website expands the District’s Internet presence to reach out to the 4.3 million residents of northeastern Ohio.

The meetup group, called Northeastern Ohio Toastmasters, has already had an impact on several clubs. Club officers report that the number of visitors to clubs whose meetings are posted on has increased. Toastmasters in Green has seen at least seven visitors since starting with MeetUp last year.

Typically, the cost for a MeetUp account starts at $9.99 per month. By setting up an umbrella account for the entire district, the cost has been covered by the District for all clubs. When a club has four members who are willing to join MeetUp and RSVP to the meetings, an event coordinator will be established in the MeetUp program. That person will create a club meeting and maintain the calendar.

If your club is interested in posting your meetings on MeetUp, contact Kim Krajci at with the name of the officer who will be the event coordinator.

Important Dates

February 1 – March 31: “Talk Up Toastmasters”

February 29 – March 16 – Area speech contests

March 18 – April 2 – Division speech contests

April 1 – Club dues are due!

April 16 – District 10 Spring Conference & Speech Contest, Malone University – Click here for details

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Vicky Nann

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