Don’t Wait for Tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be too late to submit your Education Session Proposal.

We have been searching across the entire District 10 area to find the best education sessions we can for this year’s Spring Conference. We don’t want to miss your unique proposal!

Don’t make us resort to cat videos, Youtuber challenges and Cleveland Browns video fails.

All proposals welcomed until midnight, February 7. Then the door closes and we’ll select the education sessions that you’ll get to see at the Spring Conference on April 16. 2016.

What are we looking for in Education Sessions?

  • We want to improve our leadership skills. Show us ways to do that.
  • We need to learn how to improve our public speaking. Focus on a technique that works.
  • What do we need to do to move into professional, paid speaking? Share your story and experiences.

Our education sessions are only as good as we have presenters with insight, experience and great presentation skills.

That describes YOU! Submit now your idea!

We want

  • solo presentations
  • duos
  • panels
  • discussions
  • interactive workshops.

You propose it, we’ll consider it. We have space for big presentations. All of our rooms have technology so you can bring your Powerpoint and we’ll have it ready for you. Want a smaller room for a more intimate, cozier presentation? We got you covered.

Toastmasters Education Sessions Make the Conference

Whatever else goes on at the conference, the real value is in the education sessions. We love the contests and keynotes, but it’s the reason we come. We want to improve. These sessions open us up to new ideas, new people with new techniques. That’s what we want and need.

There are hundreds of people with great experience and ideas in our district. Is it time for you to share with us what you’ve got?

We can’t do it without you.

Need more? See our Call for Education Submissions for more details.

Send your submission to right now.

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Kim Krajci

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