December Marketing Institute Draws 60+ Toastmasters for Club-Building Tips

Building and maintaining a club’s membership numbers isn’t always easy – but on Saturday, December 12, 2015 more than 60 District 10 Toastmasters gathered at the annual District 10 Marketing Institute to learn tips and tactics for boosting their member rosters.

Held at the Days Inn & Suites in Brecksville, the program began at 7 a.m. with a continental breakfast. Club Growth Director Tim Juda, the host of the event, welcomed the attendees. Special guest Region 6 Advisor Randie Jacobs, DTM, visiting from Canada, kicked off the morning with an informative presentation about ways to help struggling clubs.

One of her first suggestions was to swap “struggling” with “in transition.” “Word choice is important,” she said. “We want to focus on taking steps to improve.” She said that a club needs to assess itself honestly. “When the members care enough to identify areas that need attention, they can take the steps to get better.” Her handout, 45 Proven Ways for Attracting and Retaining Members, contained a wealth of ready-to-implement ideas.

Local presenters included District 10 Finance Manager and PDG Debbie Curtis, DTM Chair Kim Krajci, District Public Relations Manager Vicky Nann, PDG Doug Thiessen, and Club Growth Director Tim Juda.

Content included the Moments of Truth education model to help get to the source of a club’s challenges, how to use Meet Up to attract new members, ways to tap the media and use other communications to spread the word about Toastmasters, how to implement a club coach program, and how to hold an open house to attract visitors.

“This was the best training I’d ever seen in District 10,” said attendee Loren Dill, VPE of Westlake Toastmasters #497. “It was packed with lots of concrete things clubs can do to find and retain members.”

Handouts from the Marketing Institute are available to members below in PDF format.

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