New Officers Elected for District 10!

At the District Council Meeting on April 18, 2015, elections were held for the members who will lead District 10 for the 2015-2016 Toastmasters year beginning July 1. Here are the results!

District 10 Officers for 2015-2016 with the new Toastmasters International Leadership Titles:

District Director (previously District Governor):
Jenilee Taylor, DTM
Program Quality Director (previously Lieutenant Governor Education and Training):
Dave Wiley, DTM
Club Growth Director (previously Lieutenant Governor Marketing):
Tim Juda, DTM
Northern Division Director:
Deonna Moore, DTM
Southern Division Director:
Laura Dressler, DTM
Laura Dressler
Western Division Director:
Rosita Turner, ACB, ALB
Eastern Division Director:
Maureen Bachman, CC, CL
Central Division Director:
Todd Taylor, ACB, CL

New officers begin their terms on July 1, 2015.

There are still various leadership positions that need to be filled for the new year, including various Area Director roles and other top leadership positions.  These positions are open to any active Toastmaster in District 10.

To learn more about leadership opportunities for the 2015-2016 year, please contact District Director-Elect Jenilee Taylor at or 330-608-8014.

Congratulations to our new officers!

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One thought on “New Officers Elected for District 10!

  1. I see in teading that there are some open leadership positions open. I am requesting to be considered for one of those positions. TM for nearly 30 years, served as co-sponsor of clubs, served as area governor, served as club officer of my home club and a former club and needs to coach or mentor or whatever to achieve my DTM.

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