On the Table Podcast Goes Live This Week!

District 10 leads the way with a new podcast to help members achieve their DTM awards!

Kim Krajci, DTM, is the world’s only DTM Mentorship Chair because District 10 is the only district in the world with a program dedicated to providing mentors for members who want to work on their advanced awards. The program, founded by Marsha Friedman, has helped over twenty members in our district get their awards since its founding three years ago.

With the On the Table podcast, District 10 is opening up a new method to coach. The podcast will feature reviews of various materials required by Toastmasters for the awards, as well as suggestions how to speed up the process as we wait for the new Revitalized Education Program to change the track.

You can find the website at On the Table Podcast starting this week.

Thanks to District 10 for sponsoring this program!

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