Toast of Rockwell Inspires a Woman in California

This is Toast of Rockwell responding to an inspirational speech that Lisa Newburger gave on May 29, 2014.

The speech was about a stranger in California, who found Lisa through Google, and read an article she wrote for the dentistry industry.

Heather changed Lisa’s life in 24 hours. Heather is a woman who divorced an abusive husband, is a full time student with a 3.8 in college, works full time and earns $8 per hour, is a single parent to four kids and helps care for her sister’s kids, and has broken and missing teeth where people presume she is on methamphetamines. This is to the point where she is battling depression and doesn’t want to open her mouth.

Lisa is arranging to get her a new set of teeth. She sees Heather as exceptional and bigger things are going to happen as a result.

Lisa’s speech was to motivate the Rockwell club to reach out and do something nice for someone, to get out of their comfort zone and help someone else. If they were inspired by Heather, they were invited to come up and be in this photo.

The photo was sent to Heather who responded immediately. These are her words:

“I am in such awe over the tremendous amount of support that I can’t even find the words to describe how much love and comfort I feel thanks to a group of amazing people whom I’ve never met. But, I will still cherish them and the impact they have had on my life. I’m not used to feeling enjoyment as tears roll down my cheeks. This time I don’t want to wipe them away. Instead, I’m savoring each as they fall knowing that they are the product of gratefulness and love all thanks to humanity making a stand.”

Submitted by Sharon Lin, member of the Toast of Rockwell club

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