Toastmasters to Unveil New Educational Program

Deonna Gene Moore, DTM, IPDG
District 10 Chief Education Ambassador

My Fellow District 10 Toastmasters!

I am sure you have probably heard rumblings and rumors concerning the newly revitalized Toastmasters International Educational Program. As Chief Education Ambassador, I am working directly with World Headquarters staff, Education Committee and our district membership and leaders to ensure a smooth transitioning from the current program to the new one.

So you may be wondering, “What’s this new program?”, and even more importantly, “How will it affect me?”.

Here are some basics about the revitalized program and how it will affect all of us as members:

The new revitalized program is part of the five year strategic plan implemented by TI in 2010. The program completes the second phase of this plan. The program goes into effect at the beginning of the 2014-2015 Toastmaster year on July 1, 2014.

The program will offer a clearer path towards achieving educational goals within the program. In addition, there will be more emphasis on developing communication and leadership skills that can be used in an ever-changing and globally evolving marketplace. The overall objective will be for members to be able to be more competitive and have the ability to bring more to the table personally and professionally based largely on our educational program.

Sounds like a mouthful right? But wait, THERE’S MORE…

While the traditional foundation of the educational program will remain untouched, the organization will continue to grow by incorporating more use of technology – meaning there will be greater access to our resources and programs via digital content, mobile web applications, and video will become a key learning tool.

Of course, with these types of changes, there will be some adjustments. Manuals for both tracks will change, and there will be additional emphasis placed on leadership development.

With the above being said, please be advised of the following FAQ’s:

  • All Educational Awards earned up until the start of the new program will be valid.
  • There will be a transition period in place for members similar to the one when the program was updated in 2006 to ensure those members who are on the cusp on earning awards, particularly the Distinguished Toastmaster designation, will be able to complete their projects with ease. (It is my strong recommendation that if you are a member who is close to completing your DTM, that you do so before the completion of this transition period).
  • The Revitalization Committee consists of WHQ’s staff members, TI Board of Directors, Learning Masters, Chief Education Ambassadors and Ambassadors.
  • The benefits of the new revitalized program include:
    • Greater use of technology to boost self-directed learning
    • More access to educational materials
    • Ability to connect with other members around the world
    • A clearer path for achieving education awards
    • Opportunities to develop real-world communication and leadership skills in a globally evolving marketplace

So as you can see, this is a pretty intense project!

My role is to keep everyone up to date of the progress. Because of the size of our district, I have selected nine members to serve as ambassadors. The ambassadors have been assigned to specific clubs and will be the communication liaison between me and WHQ’s. The ambassadors will not only keep everyone up to date on progress of this program, but they will be visiting clubs at least once in order to present information regarding the new program.

The following members are serving on our district’s Ambassador Team:

  • Larry Allen
  • Mark Banas
  • Kitty Brandal
  • Marilyn Burns
  • Dennis Deegan
  • Dameka Lee
  • Rebecca Richardson
  • Bill Simpson
  • Rene Smith

Please congratulate them and support them on their journey. I will continue to keep the district abreast of what’s going on with the new program.

In the meantime, please feel free to email me at with any questions or concerns regarding the new program. I look forward to working with each of you and ensure a smooth transition progress for our district.

Yours in Communication and Leadership Excellence,

Deonna Gene Moore, MS.Ed., DTM, IPDG
Immediate Past District Governor/Chief Education Ambassador
District 10

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