Materials to Review for District Council Meeting

During the District Council Meeting held at the Fall Conference on November 9th, we will be voting on District 10 business. In preparation, several items have recently been uploaded to the District Downloads area of this website under “Council Meeting Resources“.

This meeting is for District Leaders, Area Governors, Division Governors, Club Presidents (or their proxy), and Club Vice Presidents of Education (or their proxy). 

In preparation for the meeting, please review the following three documents (NOTE: you will have to login to the website in order to obtain access to the files.):

  1. Spring 2013 District Council Meeting Minutes
  2. Budget 2013-2014 Revision1
  3. Treasurer’s Report Jul-Sep 13

You will be supplied with copies of these documents at the meeting but we will not officially read the minutes out loud.

Remember: The Fall 2013 District Council Meeting will take place at Malone University on Saturday, November 9, 2013, in the morning before all the other conference activities begin. Registration for the District Council Meeting will open at 7:15 am, and the meeting will begin at 8:00 am. Breakfast is included for meeting attendees only.

Click here to review the full conference schedule and location details.

See you Saturday!

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