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Free Download – Fall Conference Program!

Curious about what you missed at the 2013 Fall Conference on November 9th? We had a visit from a member of the Toastmasters International Board of Directors inspire us with a larger vision of Toastmasters. We had a Luncheon Keynoter who “webcam-ed” her speech to us and showed us the true power of Social Media!…

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Talk Back to Our Luncheon Keynote Speaker

Cynthia Brown, DTM, is the person delivering our luncheon keynote for the Fall Conference. Cynthia will be in Philadelphia when she gives us her keynote at the Fall Conference. (Keeping with our theme of “Social Media”) But she wants you to talk back! How can we do that? We’ve got a great way – via SOCIAL…

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Materials to Review for District Council Meeting

During the District Council Meeting held at the Fall Conference on November 9th, we will be voting on District 10 business. In preparation, several items have recently been uploaded to the District Downloads area of this website under “Council Meeting Resources“. This meeting is for District Leaders, Area Governors, Division Governors, Club Presidents (or their proxy), and Club…

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