October Education and Training Update

(originally published in the October Leaders and Lecterns Newsletter)

Your Club can be a Perfect 10!

I have had the opportunity to visit several of our Area contests over the last few weeks and thank you all for making me feel so welcome.

I’ve learned from the speeches that “Sears is America place to shop” to get your Browns shirt to help enable my “Brown fan syndrome” during the football season. But if the event the Browns season ends early, I can also try “ice fishing” as ice fishing will provide unique opportunities for one to see how quick a “shelter and a fish can catch on fire” in one quick in opportune moment. Maybe better yet and to stay safe, I’ll just put on one of my “proverbial hats” as LGET and visit more area contests so I can listen to more of your stories.

I have enjoyed all the presentations and I look forward to the humorous speeches that I’ll get to see at the division contests and fall conference! I you have had the chance yet check out the next area contest near you and visit I have no doubt you’ll leave laughing and in a better mood then when you arrived!

See you at the contests!

Introducing an incentive for clubs to work towards… “PERFECT 10”!

“Perfect 10” is when a clubs earns all 10 DCP points. Each club that achieves this accomplishment will receive a specially made ribbon to add to their clubs banner. We will award the ribbons at the June 2014 TLI training. There are 8-½ months left to work towards the PERFECT 10!

Missy Moore DTM
District 10 Lt. Gov Education and Training

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