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More than 50 Toastmasters Get Empowered and Inspired at Soapbox Speakers Showcase

Submitted by Dennis Deegan, CC.

The July 25th Soapbox Speakers showcase starring Kitty Brandal as our keynote speaker and Blake Babcock as our feature speaker was a great success.

Kitty Brandal speaking at the July 25th Showcase

Over 50 Toastmasters and guests were inspired and empowered to take their speaking prowess to the next level.

Blake Babcock at the July 25th Speakers Showcase

Facing our ‘fear of success’ and overcoming ‘invisible fences’ are necessary to make a change.

Advanced Speakers Clubs were highlighted as an ideal venue to find your voice and refine your ability to connect with your audience.

Advanced Clubs were billed as an ideal platform to give longer speeches and fulfill the requirements of the advanced manuals and leadership awards.

Advanced Clubs also afford a great opportunity to pursue the DTM designation in a systematic way.

Many attendees promised to visit their local advanced club, including Soapbox Speakers to grow their speaking and listening skills.

To find the nearest Advanced Club near you, check out “Find a Club” page.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who helped make the July 25th Showcase a great success, including Dennis Deegan and the other members of Soapbox Speakers!

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