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Rene Smith
Lt. Governor of Marketing

Hello and Welcome to the 2013 – 2014 Toastmasters Year!

I am proud to serve you as your District 10 Lieutenant Governor Marketing (LGM).

My focus throughout the year will be to market the district to local corporations, develop a uniform club retention program and to offer members leadership opportunities through the formation of a Marketing Committee. There is a lot that the District can accomplish with your help.

The Strive for Five Campaign will help us focus on the basics of what makes the District successful. The elements of the STRIVE FOR FIVE Campaign are as follows:

  • Each member is encouraged to strive to give five speeches before 1/31/14 to ensure that each club meeting has a prepared speech on the agenda so that all members benefit from attending the meeting.
  • Each club should strive to have 5 DCP points before 1/31/14 to enhance club quality by ensuring that each club is actively participating in the DCP plan.
  • Each Area should identify 5 potential future District Leaders in their Area Visits. This action item will give us a preview of District Leaders for next year. The future leaders will have the opportunity to shadow the current leaders in preparation for their leadership role.
  • Each Division should strive to provide 5 new club leads in their area. The aim of this action item will be to ensure the District meets the new club goal to become distinguished and all Divisions are actively seeking new club leads in their areas and helping the District grow.

District 10 has a long and proud legacy of servicing members and you are part of the movement devoted to making effective communication a worldwide reality.

We have a noble mission: To help more men and women learn the arts of speaking, listening, and thinking.

Together, let’s continue the legacy and pave the way for District 10 to be Distinguished in 2014!

In Service to our members,
Rene D. Smith, DTM
2013-2014 LGM District 10

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