Innovative Way to Celebrate Club Members’ Accomplishments

Looking for a different award to present to participants in your club?

Ariel Toastmasters 2 created these unique awards for Best TableTopics, Best Evaluator, and Best Speaker.

It’s called “A Toast award”. Cool eh?

Ariel Toastmaster 2 is one of two clubs based at the Ariel Corporation in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Ariel Corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer of separable reciprocating gas compressors.

A member of the Toastmasters club crafted these awards out of scrap material for their use at monthly meetings. The set rotates between speech winners within the club.

It’s important to recognize members in your club for the good things they do. This club found a unique way to recognize achievements, and chances are there is a way for you to implement something similar in your club.

Innovative awards are only limited by your imagination!

Submitted by Greg Greene, Area 32 Governor

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