District 10 Launches New Website!

New site looks great on mobile devices!

(Saturday, June 29, 2013): To close out the Toastmasters year, and start off 2013-2014 with a bang, we have given the District website a facelift!

Briefly, we have performed the following changes and updates to the website:

  1. Updated the “Look and Feel” of the site.
  2. Switched over to the WordPress publishing platform.
  3. Created a site that works well on regular computers as well as Tablets and Mobile devices.
  4. Incorporated “social sharing” into all content. You can easily share information on Facebook and other social media sites.
  5. Added an “event calendar” to show you the most current deadlines and events happening in the District.
  6. Created special “Member’s Only Content” for members of District 10.

Here is a video that describes and demonstrates many of the new features of the site:

The site will change and adapt as necessary throughout the year, and we look forward to your contributions to making this the best website in all of Toastmasters!

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