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Join us for this movie on June 13!

What does it take to be a “great speaker”?

… the kind of speaker who can rally people to take action …

… the kind of speaker who can turn hurts, habits and hangups into messages of hope and possibilities …

… the kind of speaker who can make audiences giggle, chuckle, and laugh on cue …

Yes, what does it take?

It takes Toastmasters training … diligent practice … and a desire to be a great speaker.

You have that training.

The question is … would you be willing to be the best speaker you can be … if someone showed you how to overcome your nagging fears and doubts?

If your answer is “yes”, then read on …

As you might already know, each January dozens of local Toastmasters … join thousands of Toastmasters worldwide … and muster up the courage to compete in their club speech contests.

Some people enroll in the contests to simply break out of their comfort zone and try something new.

Others compete because someone whispered in their ear, “you have a good speech for a contest.”

And still others take the contests seriously.

Very seriously.

In fact, some speakers rearrange their life … and their priorities … and set their sights on getting to the highest level of competition at the World Championship of Public Speaking.


For a lot of reasons.

Obviously … some want the glory and attention, right?

Others have something to prove to a family member … or to themselves.

And still others do it because of the great speaker it will help them become in the process.

What is that process?

Two filmmakers embarked on an almost two-year journey to find out.

Originally, they just wanted to create a film about the fear of public speaking.

But in the process, they stumbled upon Toastmasters and were fascinated with our contest culture.

They conducting hundreds of interviews about public speaking anxiety, and ended up capturing all the behind-the-scenes stages of the tense, highly competitive Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking.

And then they edited the footage down into a feature-length film.

When you see the final film, you will watch a small group of Toastmasters … people just like you… as they face personal struggles, the pain of rejection, fears of failure and success, and mental and physical obstacles.

You will witness a story of hope, perseverance and transformation.

And you will turn to the person sitting next to you in the dark theater and say, “Wow, I’m just like them. I want to speak and influence people just like that.”

Will you come watch the film with us?

The film is called Speak – Come Find Your Voice.

It has been shown around the world in independent film festivals and Toastmaster events.

And now … we invite you to join us for an exclusive District 10 showing of Speak
on Thursday, June 13, from 7pm to 9pm.

But first … click on the girl below to watch a two-minute sample …

Here’s the best part about this movie …

You get to see the film in a real theater so it will be super comfy and enjoyable!

Although Speak is a movie with a Toastmasters theme, it has broad appeal to anyone who loves stories of hope, perseverance, drive and dedication.

Therefore, you can feel safe to bring your non-Toastmaster friends … your family members … your kids … their kids … and anyone else who enjoys movies that celebrate the human spirit in a terrific way.

And … you can meet District 10’s own World Champion Finalists, too!

We will also be having two special guests introduce the film at our exclusive showing. District 10 has two members who have taken the journey to the top and reached the finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking. They are David Caban (1999) and Maureen Zappala (2009), and they will inspire you with their own personal journeys before the film

Mark Your Calendar … and Join Us for this Special Event!

Date: Thursday, June 13, 2013
Time: 7:00-9:00 pm

Location: Cinemark at Valley View, 6001 Canal Road, Valley View, OH, 44125

How to Get Tickets: Only $9.00 each, purchased in advance. Tickets available on-line ONLY and must be ordered by Tuesday, June 4th! No tickets sold at door. CLICK BELOW TO ORDER!

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Speak find your voice

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For questions email: sandro@shorewaymedia.com

David Caban


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