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Greetings Fellow District 10 Toastmasters!

Can you believe it is April already? The old saying goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun”… Well, for District 10, I would like to say, “Time flies when we’re working hard AND having fun”.

Many great things have come to fruition that makes me very proud of our district and our members! We have implemented a lot of programs and incentives that have caused clubs to thrive in membership and quality growth – two things that are near and dear to me in regards to the operations of our district. Without quality, the quantity will cease.

I have had the incredible opportunity to visit many of our clubs during the Open House Madness program. It was truly an extraordinary experience to see the members and officers in action! I have no doubt that we will exceed the minimum mandated requirement for distinguished clubs! Thank you to the 20+ clubs that participated in the program.

Our membership numbers look very promising! We are experiencing exponential growth in many areas and divisions! As a result, we will be expanding our district by opening at least five new areas – which will allow more opportunity for members to serve in district leadership! We have also chartered two new clubs since our last newsletter – SW Toastmasters in Warrensville Heights, and Twinsburg Toastmasters Club in Twinsburg.

We have several more in the pipeline – particularly in the Southern Division! I believe we will have the number of new clubs necessary, along with the membership and distinguished club numbers to retain our distinguished status for 2012-2013! We must give special recognition and applause to our Area and Division Governors, for all of their hard work and support given to the clubs! We could not be who we are without that level of support and resources!

For a final thought, I want to encourage everyone to continue to work on personal and professional growth within the Toastmasters Organization. As a member of several professional and civic organizations, I have found that the $72 per year I spend for my Toastmasters membership is by far the BEST investment! Such a small amount has yielded priceless growth within me, and has unleashed a tremendous amount of confidence and esteem not known.

My father did an incredible thing five years ago this month by saying that I was an atrocious speaker – he pushed me to come out of my comfort zone, which in turn forced me to do and become better! We all have our “Y” story in regards to what caused us to become members. It is now time to transform our “Y” story into a “B” story:

“B”come the best speaker and leader…

“B”lieve in yourself and the organization…

“B”ring someone to Toastmasters…

and finally, “B” the “B”est YOU – just “B”ecause you can!

Wishing you much success in your communication and leadership journey – it’s truly a beautiful ride!

Yours in Communication and Leadership Excellence,

Deonna Gene Moore, DTM
2012-2013 District Governor
(216) 469-9707

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