Spring Conference – April 13th – Fairlawn, Ohio

You might not know it … but right now other Toastmasters Districts around the world are green with envy.

Yes, they’re jealous of us!

Insanely jealous of us.

Our District Governor has scored a major … enormous … make that humongous … triumph for all of us in District 10.

For the first time in District 10 history, we are having the “still reigning” World Champion of Public Speaking visit our district.

What Does Success Look Like?

Success looks like Toastmaster Ryan Avery, who in 2012 at age 25 became the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking in history; competing against more than 30,000 people from 116 countries.

Toastmaster Avery (that’s him in the picture ) is flying into our conference in Akron, Ohio, from his home near Portland, Oregon.

Imagine sitting in the audience … maybe skeptical of this wunderkind at first … but being open-minded enough to listen to his secrets of being a great speaker.

Gradually you’ll relax and begin to enjoy his physical antics that bring his speech to life … you’ll nod in agreement with his message … next you will be hugging your sides with laughter … then shaking his hand with an enthusiastic grip after the event … and even stealing a minute or two to privately chat with him in the hall between sessions.

That’s why other Toastmasters Districts around the world are green with envy

“Getting to the finals of World Championship of Public Speaking was not an accident or a stroke of luck. I worked at it by learning from the experts: the World Champions of Public Speaking. To be better, you learn from those who are better. I won’t pass up the chance to learn more from the 2012 World Champion, Ryan Avery at the District 10 conference. I hope you won’t either.”

– Maureen Zappala, DTM, 2009 Finalist, World Championship of Public Speaking

You must be at our Spring Conference! MUST!

Not only to see the awesome abilities of Ryan Avery …

… but to get re-energized about your own Toastmasters journey …

… learn new ways to speak and lead …

… socialize with kindred Toastmasters from elsewhere in the District …

… and watch District 10’s own top speakers compete for the opportunity to follow in Ryan Avery’s footsteps to the 2013 World Championship of Public Speaking.

During the closing ceremonies, you’ll turn to the person sitting next to you and whisper, “I’m so glad I bought a ticket for this!”

“I try to attend every District 10 Conference since I discovered how much can be learned from the educational sessions and the outstanding guest speakers. Having the chance to meet and learn directly from past World Champion Winners and Finalists like Darren LaCroix, Craig Valentine, Rory Vaden, and Rich Hopkins has shorted my speech learning curve. You won’t find a better opportunity so close to home!”

– Mike Gerrick, ACG/ALB, Youngstown Executive 408

What Does Success Look Like?

That’s a great question … and you’ll find out when you attend the Spring Conference!

Saturday, April 13, 2013.

At the DoubleTree Hotel in Northern Akron, 3150 W. Market St.

(Right next to Summit Mall near Ghent Rd and W. Market.)

“I learned a long time ago that to be a success, you must study and model successful people. So, when you want to be a better speaker, you study the World Champions. That’s ‘the secret’ to how I got to the World Championship in 1999, and that’s how I’ve continued to develop my speaking skills. I’m excited to meet and learn from Ryan Avery!”
– David Caban, ACG/ALS, 3rd Place – 1999 World Championship of Public Speaking

Here’s a little secret …

Success looks like YOU!

Yes … seriously … it does.

By joining Toastmasters, you have demonstrated your motivation for self-improvement.

You’ve proven you want to better your situation. To be more successful.

To be taken seriously when you open your mouth to speak.

You already know the basics of good speaking from your Toastmasters training

Now here’s your once in a lifetime chance to see what success looks like and raise yourself (and your club) to the next level.

“As the District 10 Finalist in 2011, I learned so much from the GIANTS who have walked before me. The World Champs are there to help us achieve the level we seek, whether to be a World Champion like them or just be a better speaker overall. That is one of the biggest reasons to go to the conferences. Pick their brains, watch what they do, and allow them to make you better. I look forward to seeing the 2012 World Champ and see how he can make me better. See you all this Spring.”
– Larry Szczepanski, ACS, Westside Advanced Toastmasters & Hilliard Toastmasters

Make a decision to join your friends in Akron for the District 10 Spring Conference on April 13th!

The Spring Conference is Now Over!

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