I’m Excited … New Clubs Forming!

March has been a great month for District 10. Two clubs submitted their charter paperwork in March and several others are in the process of forming.

  • CACI Corporation submitted their charter paperwork and will be official March 26th. Great job Rich Friedman and Kim Krajci.
  • The CWRU club submitted their charter paperwork and is in process of finishing the details. Great job Deonna Moore and Maria Pajak.
  • Bank of America is close to submitting their charter paperwork for a second club. Great job Rene Smith.
  • The Stark State Club will start regular meetings on April 5th while they collect enough members to charter. Great job Larry Allen, John David and Dan Toussant.
  • Ariel Corporation will start working on three clubs in the month of April. Two clubs in Mt Vernon and one in Akron. Debbie Stark and the Southern Division are working with the company.

Charles Kramer and Kate Faggella have been working to start a club in Cuyahoga Falls. They welcome anyone who wants to give a speech or participate in the meeting. Part of the fun of Toastmasters is that all the clubs have the same structure but they all have their own personality. Take the time to attend another club and see what kind of energy you can bring back to your own club.

Open House Madness had 20 clubs participate by holding an open house. I heard clubs say that this was a positive experience for their club. We will be recognizing these clubs at the Spring Conference. Great job everyone.

I am very excited that everywhere I go, I hear about another opportunity for a club. It is through all your hard work we can make these new clubs a reality. Let’s not forget the clubs that are struggling. If there is club struggling in your Area, ask to bring a meeting to them. Can you imagine how good it would feel to a club to attend a meeting were they did not have to perform 2 or 3 roles?

I am always open to new ideas to create energy in struggling clubs or ideas about creating new clubs. Feel free to contact me.

Debora Curtis
Lt. Governor Marketing
(440) 346-6260

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