Great Achievements Happening!

Welcome to another month of being a Toastmaster! Although it doesn’t seem like it, spring is here! Just like the weather in Ohio, being a Toastmaster is full of surprises. I hope you are enjoying yourself and having a productive 2013 so far.

We are well into the District contests with all areas having been completed. Have you participated in any way with a contest this round? By the time you read this, we will be finished with the contests and know who the winners are for each division and who will advance to the District finals held at the Spring Conference. If you have not had a chance to be involved or see a contest, you can still register for the conference and see the best that our 5 divisions have to offer. Remember, the winner of the International contest advances on to the finals held at the convention in Cincinnati this year!

As it relates to the conference, we have an exciting line-up of Educational sessions scheduled to make the day fun and interesting. The price for a full day of the conference is $85.00 at the door to attend. Other pricing is available if you are not able to attend for the whole day. Please go to the District website for more details on the conference. I hope you are able to join us and celebrate being a District 10 member!

Lastly, here are our Educational numbers. We have 92 CCs, 53 ACs, 94 CLs/OCLs/ALs/DTMs, and 12 members who have earned 3 Educational awards or more! Although these numbers are solid, I am expecting them to really increase as we get closer to the end of the Toastmaster year (June 30th). I encourage everyone to keep up your efforts and do not underestimate what you can accomplish!

In closing, know that any achievements that we reach, is because of YOU, the member. There may be members that appear to shine brighter than others, but the fact remains that you all shine or have an opportunity to do so. District leadership and I appreciate all of you. Thank you for being a member of our district, and know that I am at your service by phone, e-mail, or in-person. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Stay safe and faithful because there is no limit to what you can do even though you may think there is. Until next newsletter…

Yours in service,

Tony Green ACS
Lieutenant Governor Education & Training (2012-2013)
Phone: (216) 338-7771

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