District 10 Member Hosts Financial Peace University

In Spring 2012, Toastmaster Todd Takash hosted Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University at Good Shepherd United Methodist Church in Parma. Dave Ramsey is a bestselling author and radio host of the nationally syndicated Dave Ramsey Show. Ramsey teaches his audience to become debt-free and build wealth using a plan called the Baby Steps.

“The reason Dave teaches us to use baby steps is because some families are so overwhelmed by debt that the task of becoming debt-free may seem impossible unless we break into smaller tasks,” Takash said.

Throughout the 13 week course at Good Shepherd, eight families took part in lessons such as Dumping Debt, Super Saving, and Of Mice and Mutual Funds. Takash believes that his Toastmasters experience helped him tremendously.

“Each class was an hour of Dave Ramsey teaching on DVD, followed by an hour of small group discussion. Toastmasters helped me greatly since I needed to be prepared for each meeting. In addition, there are sometimes occasions when the class isn’t very talkative. In those cases, having the experience gained through Table Topics was a big plus for me.”

Takash says he plans to host the class again at his church in early 2013.

“Much like the Toastmasters program, I believe in Financial Peace University wholeheartedly and look forward to hosting another class.”

For more information, you can contact Todd at (440) 345-5123 or ttakash@att.net.

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